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Tell us about the Yuan Weiwei

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Shandong Luneng 14 player's birthday :1985-11-25 field locations left back

participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has attracted worldwide attention with the Shandong Luneng in 2006 and in 2008 won two Super League titles

2000 August income Luneng school to learn adequate. Won the 2001 National U17 league title.

2003 selected Luneng team A in the A league, outstanding performance, elected to the national youth team.

2004 on behalf of the national youth teams in France at the "Toulon" Competition is the backbone of the team back.

2005 on behalf of China U21 national team to participate in World Youth Championship Netherlands 2003 Niebo age, Yuan Weiwei has already begun as the team's main side defender, but in Ljubisa Tumbakovic After taking office, the main location is veteran Wang Chao away. Several times in the AFC Champions League and Super League which came off the bench.

Yuan Weiwei

English name: Yuan Weiwei

Foreign Full Name: Yuan Weiwei's birthday :1985-11-25

Role: Left guard Height: 182 cm Weight: 70 kg dominant leg: right foot

Place of Birth: Tianjin (China) Nationality: Chinese

on behalf of the national team: played one time, into the ball

0 years to participate in competition events on behalf of the team numbers

Olympic Games 2008 China Olympic Team 4

World Youth Championship 2005 China National Youth Team, 15

Europe 3 Large Cup: played 0 times, enter 0 Ball

UEFA Champions League: played 0 times, enter 0 goals



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