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Where can I buy genuine Dalian Shide plastic doors and windows

Ice jumping bar2010-02-28 23:10:34 +0000 #1
Where can I buy genuine Dalian Shide plastic doors and windows are not too many false security
544,5682010-02-28 23:13:58 +0000 #2
windows and doors to Dalian Huaxia field can be get real

PVC windows and doors PVC windows and doors is a new type chemical building material, following the wood windows and doors, steel windows and doors, aluminum doors and windows after the fourth generation of energy-saving windows and doors is the country's Ministry of Construction recommended high-quality energy-saving products. Plastic-steel windows and doors is to use plastic profiles by cutting, and put on strengthening the steel after the welding, and then loaded sealing strips, top, metal parts and other accessories made of.

Because of its look and feel beautiful, high corrosion resistance, water tightness and insulation is good, easy maintenance, etc., more and more people of all ages. An extremely rapid development momentum in recent years, however, is also easy to divert attention from growing so fast that many hidden problems. And the market was mixed, what quality levels are generally not enough customers to understand its performance, in the absence of any detection tool, not familiar with its performance, especially on how to identify the quality of plastic doors and windows method does not control the case of purchase, sometimes deceived. To this end the company's special offer to their customers how to identify the quality of plastic doors and windows easy way for customers to purchase products for reference.

1. PVC doors and windows profiles quality

should observe the appearance of profiles and pay attention to the composition of doors and windows of the box and fan profiles are the same color, appearance is uniform, cavity distribution is reasonable. PVC window and door profile formula by adding calcium carbonate is usually added as a fill material, and some manufacturers to reduce costs, such as by adding excessive, then become a calcification of the type of plastic, the surface of the plastic doors and windows made of a lack of luster, slightly rough, hard and brittle, it seems like a kind of rough stones a sense, the normal steel doors and windows, the surface is usually shiny, very resilient.

2. Doors and windows of the gap and seal

look at co-ordination between the various materials gap is closer, cut it flush with the Department, profiles overlap at the level of difference and so on. General for the steel door, given the major part of the door, the gap between fans, door panels and door package edge layering Department, blinds junction of various profiles, sealing strip, etc.; the case of assembling the door, but also consider the inter-door gap; is a swing but also whether the two doors in the closed, the light transmission and so on. Similarly, for the used plastic windows, in addition to assembling a variety of profiles to be considered assembly gap, the seal is uniform, firm is also very important, the interface gap should be no more than 1mm, which reflects the performance of window seal. Plastic door is usually done inside the building door, on the sealing requirements are not that high. Various gap values in both the national standard requirement, but the customer concerned, the various values of the smaller gap junction profiles meet the more closely the more sophisticated assembly process, which reflects the level of assembly and assembly tools for accuracy.

3. Plastic-steel windows and doors of welding

depends on whether the flush of its welds, whether there is cracks in the corners inside and outside the seam is clean and beautiful and very clean, with box-foot plastic-steel windows and doors of the diagonal measurement of the size of its diagonal size difference should not in 3mm, the smaller the diagonal differential display technology more sophisticated, but also conducive to install.

4. PVC door and window hardware fittings

hardware good or bad the quality of life of the doors and windows also have a certain influence, the use of the hardware looks to be looked solid, and better surface gloss, protective layer dense, there is no touch scratch phenomenon, the most important The point is to open should be flexible.

5. Plastic-steel windows and doors to strengthen the steel

according to the national standard steel doors and windows have different requirements for wind pressure, plastic-steel windows and doors of the box, and fan assembly of the cavity need to strengthen the steel, according to the height difference with 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm 3 kinds of the thickness of the strengthening of steel in order to ensure product robustness and service life. While some manufacturers to reduce costs, is not loaded, or load does not meet the requirements to strengthen steel. Customers choosing the product is to pay particular attention, usually inspection methods are: 1. Reference weight method estimated that the weight of these things called windows and doors fitted with steel doors and windows to enhance component of heavy, light and vice versa. 2. With magnets on the doors and windows of the box, fan, such as magnetic profiles inside the adsorption to strengthen steel and vice versa had no. 3. Observation window and door frames, fan-beam on whether there are fastening screw can also be assembled to prove whether there is to strengthen steel.

In short, the customer should be careful in selecting products, manufacturers have tried to use the regular products, strict inspections in order to avoid cheated.
66598aa2010-02-28 23:38:43 +0000 #3
how to identify the authenticity of Shide plastic doors and windows?

A: The current market a variety of "Shide Plastic windows and doors" claiming to be a lot of manufacturers, including real materials, while others are half-truths, but also counterfeit. Consumers If Shide Plastic windows and doors do not quite understand, it's easy criticized for spending too but not value for money to buy the doors and windows. Here are a few true and false identification Shide way for your reference.

(1), Coding identification. Every one, "Shide profiles" in the factory are from the 20 Arabic numerals composed of random Coding, Coding similar to previous "S"-type Shide logo and the "Shide" indication. Coding for each interval there is a group of one meter and there is no duplication. Log site, click on "Products Anti-counterfeiting" can check profiles production, or dial 0411-87600123 press can be prompted for Coding.

(2), the Advisory Shide sales branches around the country, log site, click sales network marketing company can be found in the phone.

(3), to see the price. In the following described in more detail.

2, Shide plastic-steel windows and doors price?

Shide Plastic windows and doors throughout the country, the price differences due to the economic level is different because the window type and choice of glass, metal parts are different in different prices.

In Zhuhai, for example, to 5 mm in a white single-float glass, domestic mid-range hardware accessories, 1.2 mm steel as standard, provide a reference price below for your reference.

Sliding Window (without screens): namely, Shide 62 Series ,220-260 yuan / sq

casement window (without screens): namely, Shide 60 Series ,260-300 yuan / ping

Sliding Door (without screens ): namely, Shide 62,77,95 Series, 250-320 yuan / sq

Swing (without screens): namely, Shide 60 series, with 106 doors ,320-400 yuan / flat screens

plus an increase of 80 per square meter yuan / sq.

The above price is a range, the reason why there are floating, because doors and windows factory management costs, choose a different brand hardware accessories are different. The market may be lower than the above price, but it sure is 200 yuan / flat below the doors and windows must be careful in the choice. Simply put, a sliding sash pulley, there are 5 cents, and 2 yuan, there are a dozen or even dozens of yuan yuan. Hope that we pay more attention to.

Know that these tips, you will not be afraid to buy a fake, and the key lies in careful, careful selection, identifying



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