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A real sense of what fans should have the quality of

Scoop Gu2010-03-01 02:10:30 +0000 #1
I love football, especially loved the Chelsea, has been concerned about the car's dynamic, Aberdeen and the whole European football could be classmates still call me pseudo-fans, depressed ah! ! !
o The name has been registered o2010-03-01 02:17:12 +0000 #2
to know the history of the team to understand the active players and historical characteristics of stars, privacy, and some stories. Until the team's technical and tactical play, and the other teams some of the relationships and the transfer dynamics, it is best bar in the club posted 1
shikancaizhu2010-03-01 03:00:27 +0000 #3
The most important point is: will play, at least kicked a few years ball. This can be seen at the time watching some good and bad. One of the words for reference only.
Wang China2010-03-01 02:19:35 +0000 #4
people say you are a fan you are a pseudo-pseudo-fans begin? What is also true sense of the fans, the fans are fans chant, will play, love watching, there are favorite teams and players still do not like the idea. With regard to the quality I would like to tell you this: Do not think that those who support a team just shout at how other teams confused with those who are really Kudachoushen like the fans. They are the pseudo-fans, they are not lost the ball, they were just Starchaser! People of foreign football fans to support the hometown team for so many years of Caidui so deep that some of the feelings of the team, watched the ball in 2012 became a die-hard fans will think they are all in the installed egg! In addition, I also like Chelsea, I play center, very similar style and Didier Drogba
wowoyouto2010-03-01 02:35:14 +0000 #5
No matter how successful the team, always stubbornly persists, and has consistently supported, and this is Zhenzhen sense of the fans.
musilanmei2010-03-01 04:40:12 +0000 #6
You have a very good fan, you the reason why the students referred to you as "pseudo-fans", it is because they feel that they you know more, why would not say that, Oh, refuel it, young man ! ! !
dushaotao79512010-03-01 04:43:46 +0000 #7
First of all do not care how others do not have to say. Secondly, look at the soccer star, but can not be too concerned about the star, try to own as Carlo Ancelotti, standing at his point of view game, guess what he was arranged to enjoy his command, and even pick his mistakes. Do not lightly, such as "Yesterday, the Italian won. Nice! Thanks to Buffon." Unless this is really like Buffon Toldo 2000, the same as, otherwise, this statement could easily be classified as a class of pseudo-fans . See more tactics, even the most basic such formation: advantages and disadvantages of various formation.

In fact, watching is a fun map, no need to pursue anything, we are all amateurs Well, no one stronger than anyone else. See more love to watch like, sooner or later is a professional fan.
xc6302x2010-03-01 04:22:53 +0000 #8
only in England, to consider the verification of the true fans, large inspection of the means that some life experience, from the ancestors parents influence those who follow the trend of the pursuit of a strong club, may not be accepted as "true fans." Even in the fans that a conceptual description, there are a variety of terms to classify: supporter, is the most standards the most formal terms, supporters, the real fans; fan, belongs to the fans with some fun colors; spectator They are all spectators to follow suit in view of the entertainment scene.

Perhaps it is a translation seek Jane's sake, we are easily to a variety of different types of football followers, to generalize the name "fans," Little do they know that fans are also a large number of difference, you are three generations of "support" this little Small club supporter, was just too proud at the Manchester United of self-change when a shift, fan, or is completely out of football to bring honor, fashion and passion to follow suit spectators spectator, a "fan" how can we distinguish between the word very clear? Even in football development in China, we are for their own country's football followers, can not make a clear description of the classification, but also a "fan" word to sum.

Football and fans in the situation in China, there are a large number of never go live, and occasionally look at the TV soccer match, and then Mama to vent their anger of the Chinese football spectator, they just follow suit, it may not really be interested to learn the sport; for of interest in football, or the influence of interest in football, watching TV game a lot, but almost do not live, even the Chinese Football Association, the concept of Super League are all areas you could not tell them the so-called fans, fan, chasing them with the "super woman fast man, "a weekly reality show waiting to watch the" fans ", fans, fans, there is no difference; genuine heartfelt love for football, personally involved, to have some understanding of the sport, on-site football passion is far higher over TV football, that kind of supporter, be a small minority in China.

------------------------- Excerpt from Yan Qiang, "golden goal" up and down two hundred years - History of British Football



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