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Will the English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue, Serie A relegation rules are like? Yao is the same?

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This is how Baidu so ah!

\ Bundesliga is a 18 team league the last two direct downgrade the penultimate League before the two directly upgrade

Serie A and Serie B last third is a two-third the number of rounds home and away playoff contention a qualification in the First Division next season, this rule is the last season (2008/09 season began last season, is out of the Cottbus Nuremberg)

\ English Premier League is a bit different down into the bottom three after the British crown (England Cap two-level league)

British crown before the two directly enter the Premiership 3456 from 4 playoff teams played

the first three pairs of the first six winners of VS the first four pairs of fifth place winners compete for the final promoted to the Premiership next season, a number of places is a single-game playoff showdown of the

\ La Liga Ligue Serie A is the same as 20 teams after the league last three League Two relegation before the three upgrades (down 3 liters 3)

This is how Baidu so ah!



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