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Tevez seeking a career full of data.

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flying out of civilian areas where many of the Golden Phoenix

and like the Argentine striker, Carlos Tevez is the children from poor families, and his father was an ordinary construction worker, is a mason. Tevez is the boss at home, two brothers were 11 years and 9 years old, there is still little sister had just 5 years old. Rags, in the dusty backstreets where chasing a ragged football and still this way, Tevez to carry out this football life.

While the appearance looks a bit fierce, Carlos Tevez is a good person to get along, people are always very friendly. Boca came to the "yellow house" after (dispensers-assisted training ground another name), in the locker room he always took the initiative to greet peers, while others may simply not remember that he or did not know him. Boca Junior team-mate before described: "Tevez's personality modest, popular with a good mix is always with you, my impression is the most fun thing is to have a one-vote with our boys to his home to help us become loaded into something else like, when do you play crazy. "

Ashen's youth team final

97 years, a 84-year-level youth team final, Boca right Sarsfield, Tevez was 12 years old. Although of course, is the number one person on the team, but his performance in the field is like sleepwalking Jiaoren frown, and frequently a waste of his teammates created opportunities. Ramón Maddoni, Boca youth coach, but also to explore Tevez who finally can not stand and replaced him: "He is like without a head, like flies rampage in the field, I had to let him return to the bench cool cool , I do not care who he is known more sound, but also to learn temper part of it. until now Tevez is still with me complaining about this matter, saying that I was the only change in the final fate of his coach, it seems that he will always be resentment, ha ha! "

" I can tell you pictured it? "
from the Boca youth team when Juan Roman Riquelme has been the idol Tevez was his greatest wish is that with the eyes of idol beat ZHANG Zhao. Tevez finally the courage one day, when Romy was the training ground for a minute warm-up game, but Carlos Tevez's request was refused. Boca's exclusive photographer Cosentino, recalled: "Tevez is not the only refused, Romi do not like to take pictures before the game because he needs to concentrate on preparing for the races. Until one day I played with a young Luo Miti Team little guy really worships you, treat them as idols, and he had agreed to take pictures. when Tevez could not believe he was nervous shake, ha ha! now they both have a friend. "

" I did not hear them cheering for me "
98 years, become a Boca player one year after the formal signing, Carlos Tevez usher in his career at sub-War: Boca pairs of Sarsfield. Some bright spots on his performance, in the 3:1 victory in Boca with his contribution to a ball. Carlos Tevez is how the first one to celebrate his career goal from? Neither, as is now common, such as animal-like bluster, nor did the Libertadores Cup final after scoring against Santos, with open arms to imitate the old hen's funny appearance, he failed to make any celebration. After team-mate asked, Tevez was shy, said: "I did not hear teammates cheering for me, so although very excited, I am still embarrassed to celebrate," This past team-mate later in the gossip often brought to ridicule "At that time he was really shy, not at all like now to see the Argentine beast."

celebrate the goal actually learn puppy pee

95 years, Ramon Maddoni young people came to Boca from Argentina, organized a between the two friendly games. Unexpectedly, Carlos Tevez did not start, Maddoni Boca 1-0 lead early on the game has been carried out boring, until Tevez before we set off field passion. But even more striking was his second goal celebration after the action: ran to coach seat next to the lower body to bend, learn to climb a dog lifting a leg after a period of learning dog pee, Maddoni by this funny little monkey skin was enough to create misunderstandings, later recalled: "At the time I said to him: You once gave me up, or I kick you had better go on! In fact, he may be amused by me."


Tevez in Boca most of the game there is a bad habit: the ball is too sticky, but it will allow him to create two classic lens, the same as Maradona.

The first is to Banfield At that time, the venue because of the rain mud, Carlos Tevez in the middle near the ball forward, the way the two to several of the other players at the same time block behind them, reminiscent of the magnificent dribbling Mara Dona face of goal he will be strongly Shi She makes the goalkeeper while the ball flew at but still disposed of, the ball stopped at the near post before the mud heap, just as the other side back to kicker Jie Wei, the Carlos Tevez also mobilized, to emerge, it will get the ball and pass from person to the custody of the restricted area of five teammates Gastón Sangoy, which break easily kicker, Gastón Sangoy said: "Tevez assists me into a lot of under the ball, but the most impression on me or the deep ball. "
another classic lens in the right when the black Munaxiya, Carlos Tevez a start ball speed breakthrough, Huzuohuyou change came suddenly into the direction of bypassing the blocking of the other players, when the the face of the ball into the closed area surrounded by four defensive players, Carlos Tevez Suddenly he credited his right foot a very threatening Dao Gou, hit the near post after the ball rebounded network, the other goalkeeper no chance to respond fully, it is then exclaimed: "OLE, OLE, OLE, OLE, DIEGOO, DIEGOO ..."

When would prefer to play with a scar on Tevez began to expose Tau Kok, the Boca Club for his concern and care for the growing. Tevez they rented a house in Versailles to improve his life, and have someone responsible for Tevez's external speech, and even Carlos Tevez expressed their willingness to pay to remove the right side of his neck on the cost of plastic surgery scars. This Road scars from childhood Jiugen with Tevez, he is only nine months, was scalded by boiling water to avoid the left. An intention to listen to the beginning Tevez Boca advice received cosmetic surgery, but that surgery would have to rest four to six months and can not be heated during the campaign, he immediately he pulled out, "Shi Yao? Want me a full six months, can not play? No, I will go mad, I would prefer to continue with the Road scar happily playing because I have long been accustomed to. "He firmly against Boca's leader said, while the scars of the shift In addition to surgery will be postponed to a more appropriate time.

Hot him, and you finished

right on the Newell's Old Boys Boca is also regarded as one of the classic races, two teams fighting the most exciting event was the dedication by Carlos Tevez, from this game could see him admit defeat character. Boca 2-0 lead before the race period, followed by Newell with two points in time, in the equalizer after several Newell Old Boys against the triumphant players Carlos Tevez and provocative move Zhexia Ke angered special Weiss also allow Newell players in subsequent games into a nightmare. Tevez crazy collusion midfield back again and again, and again interspersed Paowei closed meeting ran back, shoot, score ... .... Surprisingly little time in the remaining three break Newell old boy's door. Yes, three times, the final 5:2 victory over Boca returned, and that's unfortunate from a few annoying Tevez has to pay for their frivolous, a painful price.

Well-deserved shot machine to 1997, Tevez became an official registry Boca player, but missed the Argentina Football Association because of the provisions of the registry date, he can not play for Boca in the league. Tevez all year in order to avoid the lack of an avenue for sharpening, Boca arranged for him to participate in a small league called La Matanza. In the first match striker Carlos Tevez to demonstrate its true colors, Boca 15:0 swept the opponent, Carlos Tevez personally arranged 13 of them goals, yes, you read right, 13! At that time the team manager on the sidelines for the tournament record for each goal scored after the player's name will be in the form below to make the mark, seeing Tevez goals later, he worried constantly cried out: "This guy was also How many balls to get into before they agree to stop? My forms have been used soon enough ... ... "



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