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Drogba seeking a career full of data.

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Name: Didier Drogba (Didier Drogba)

Nationality: Côte d'Ivoire

Role: Striker

Date of Birth: March 11, 1978

Height: 188cm

Weight: 95kg

Current Club: Chelsea

, who played for Club: Marseille, Guingamp, Le Mans

Drogba career career in France, the initial stage is very smooth, but when He adapted to life at Le Mans, after a star in Africa jumped like a rocket speed of shock French football. To Marseille from Guingamp in his later, scoring ability has been no reduction, Marseille are not to be optimistic about the situation in advance to enter into the 0304 season's European Cup Winners Cup final, Drogba won the 0304 season, the best French player title.

Drogba a very early age came to France, that would be him playing at a local youth team right back, after which he frequently fought over various small clubs, until the age of 19 received notice of the Paris Saint-Germain's workout . Although Saint-Germain ultimately did not accept him, but he had been given a professional contract Fa Yi Le Mans in Le Mans, Drogba too much because of injury, did not fully prove himself in 2002 during the winter transfer him to come to the same level of Guingamp, Brittany, the beautiful scenery, such as a sudden sobering to Drogba, in front of the feeling surged in the 02/03 season, he scored a total of 17 goals for Guingamp, smooth as Ivory Coast international. The scouts immediately Mourinho coached Porto, Mourinho has also introduced the unruly African star Mourinho recognized his ability, but in Porto was about time for action, Marseille Olympic team will be the first to intervene in Germany Roba lured away.

This transaction will put the Masai people have tasted the sweetness of the 03-04 season Drogba scored 18 league goals, the European cup before and after the two together for 11 balls, Marseille also able to break into the League Cup final, Côte d'Ivoire were such an extraordinary achievement let him out into the open when the FIFA World Player of the Year candidate on the list. Mourinho such a person will not be missed. Drogba 24 million pounds in transfer fees are second highest in the history of English league transfer prices, second only to Manchester United Wayne Rooney transfer. After joining the blue, Drogba and Eidur Jansen became the first choice pairing up front attack. His speed, strength and skill matching so perfect, such a striker at Stamford Bridge for a long time not seen. His heading ability in the Premier League also has an excellent display, allowing him to quickly into the atmosphere of the Premiership. However, due to a groin injury, Didier Drogba in October 2004 fell on his sick bed on top, but the restoration of orderly and stable means to allow Drogba finally the perfect comeback early in 2005.

Glorious record

2005-2006 season, Drogba again into 16 balls, of which 12 are in the league. This is a bright season. In the beginning of the season's two victories against Arsenal, Drogba scored all three goals. March was a handball incident occurred, but with West Ham in the next game, Drogba will again displayed his character. In the circumstances behind a ball, Drogba to come forward to tying the end of the 4-1 win over Chelsea made.

Jose Mourinho has publicly stressed the important role of Drogba for the team, the summer of 2006, he reiterated this view. 2006-207 season, Chelsea will face new challenges, but for Didier Drogba, Shevchenko, he will create a new partner, if they can continue to be successful, then the victory this time will be more valuable.

Career statistics the number of goals last season the club played a few

1998/1999 Le Mans 51 Le Mans 1990/2000


2000/2001 Le Mans 20 6

2001/2002 Le Mans, Guingamp 20 11




2003/2004 Marseille players personal information table

Chinese name (translated) English name birthday

Didier - Drogba Didier Drogba 1978 --

03-11 team league last season FA Cup English League Cup European Cup

appearances scoring goals playing a red card yellow card yellow card red card red card yellow card playing appearance goals scored

06-07 Chelsea red card yellow card 36 (4) 200,912 (0) 6026 (0) 3015 (2) 400

05-06 Chelsea 29 (9) 12077 (2) 1013 (0) 1 0 2 1 (1) 0 0 0

04-05 Chelsea 26 (8) 10019 (1) 5122 (1) 0 0 0 4 (1) 102

03-04 Marseille 35 (5) 19 1316 (2) 1104

02-03 Guingamp 34 (8) 1705

01-02 Guingamp 10 (2) 303

07-08 Chelsea 19 (2) 81511 (0 ) 8001 (1) 0 0 0 1 (0) 1 0 0



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