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Bayern on the Wolf this ball how we think of this?

Might be possible necessarily2010-01-21 22:01:11 +0000 #1
Sensory Bayern to the Last Stand of the time, but happens also met defending champion, this is crucial for the ball against Bayern Munich, if won, could significantly enhance the morale, N wins are possible, Bundesliga boss is likely to return to championship competition will be among the to; if lost, morale will be re-defeated life difficult for coaches, players suspected of being so personally believe that Bayern will go all out, never to counterattack, the possibility of winning is high. Dear friends, I do not know how to see? Hope that we interact more, learn from each other!
Zezheng2010-01-21 22:06:21 +0000 #2
I am a Bayern fan, my point is:

1, a huge home court advantage!

2 ,09-10 start to the season is the worst start in decades Bayern a season, they needed a victory to get out of the current embarrassing!

3, the exact first few Bayern players play bad, but after all, the lion sleeping, I think now is the time!

4, the latest news, Arjen Robben has formally joined Bayern, such as no accident, he will form a powerful attack Ribery midfielder Franck Ribery left home, living right Robben, so I would not need to elaborate attack force this round Ribery will definitely appear on the starting list!

5, while Wolfsburg is the defending champion, but he is after all not a traditional strong one, various aspects of Bayern can not compete in Europe, the Bundesliga, only Bayern make sport of the shot, right?

6, I believe that this round will be swept away with a victory before the tide!
lampard08fight2010-01-21 22:19:44 +0000 #3
Bayern are now the state is very worrying, defensive line is very unstable both in the back plus a goalkeeper, the most critical is the lumbar Jimo City, Chuck, we can go to Sohu look at his data, very few foul, very few shots, there is basically no threat to pass, and the high cross team return a lot of things affect the attack speed, Franck Ribery did not play up front attack is also very smooth, Gomes seems to be water-Oh! Wolfsburg's defender although there are problems, but forward line, midfield is still good, as long as the flat state of mind persist in back play, I believe that the speed of Grafite singled out Bayern defender is not a problem, I am slightly optimistic about the road in Wolfsburg !



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