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Indications that the Bundesliga as if it is the European hotbed of five major league first popular

Foot-chi Betting2010-01-22 00:01:51 +0000 #1
08-09 warlords and the Bundesliga season starting, there was 6,7 teams occupy the league leader position, which is rated as a history of the Bundesliga Since the most chaotic season champion, the most intense. This is one of the most fans by surprise is the newly-promoted Hoffenheim, league into the winter break, occupy the location is the top of the leaderboard, "ho", which even the village's total population is dissatisfied with a court sitting village club, to the We are big fans a pleasant surprise!

The reason for this phenomenon in all aspects, the most fundamental thing is big brother Bundesliga Bayern's disappointing, and its low to the other teams contending for first place all the confidence and courage . Many of them at the Allianz Arena Bayern Bremen 2:5 was bloodbath, the Jin, twice also in Bremen, Bremen, under relaxed conditions Jiujiang Borowski scored two consolation goals. Bayern Also in the weak teams who had not accounted for cheap, it has lost its previous despot, making weak teams are no longer afraid of Bayern.

Zucai against Bayern last season, selected, and several issues Totals friends have planted in its head, making the winning prize money is very impressive. Bayern this season from the beginning of a great catch-up look at the momentum of last season, which also became the first anti-cold objects Totals friends.

Let me say Bremen, for which the neural knife, presumably Totals friends all know, also it may take precautionary measures. When you play so smooth, then it can eliminate a strong team, a prison bars when the ride, and then it will lose a weak team. Sometimes feel, "the event are strong, strong bullying the weak is weak," the eight Chinese characters used on it very appropriate.

running for the well-being2010-01-22 00:12:05 +0000 #2
Bundesliga really big ups and downs, but not very exciting啦. . After the top five leagues in Europe into three Premier League Serie A La Liga. . .

Lou Zhu, I want to win the Premiership this year, is also relatively large啦ups and downs last year, a quarter of Liverpool's poor did not win, but this year they have lost two. Basically out of the ranks to win. Strength in the upper reaches of the Spurs is now ranked No. 1, Manchester City are also eyeing the emerging forces. . . English Premier League is the so-called no easy games. . .



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