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Tell us about the new army Champions League

Stoudemire2010-01-22 01:01:35 +0000 #1
Rubin hills, Youniliya, Deb racine
yulei86672010-01-22 01:18:03 +0000 #2
Rubin Hill (FC Rubin Kazan)

The Russian League team, the Russian league title last season, is fifty years to build the first championship team.

With the CSKA Moscow with access to participate in the Champions League qualification.

Youniliya Unirea

from the Romanian league.

Team was founded in 1954, the court called Unirea Valahorun, seemingly can only accommodate 7,000 people.

Team Website:

de racine

from Hungary League.

In the qualifying out Levski Sofia of Bulgaria to advance to the race.

Platini's Robin Hood is also a perfect place, we should make football a more prosperous and popular -

so that the ball and the soccer weak countries have the opportunity to personally participate in contact with a high level or even high-level competition is really good.



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