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We talk about the 2002 World Cup, the feeling!

Adsj20062010-03-03 13:10:10 +0000 #1
In the upcoming 2010 World Cup, let us recall the 2002 World Cup held in the situation, excitement do?
raul7gu2010-03-03 13:16:51 +0000 #2
All in all, that session of the World cup in my mind the most profound impression that the "disappointment"

but definitely exciting! The whole world is watching South Koreans shamelessly shady again and again to be staged this "drama" of course wonderful! Most can not be forgotten that Spain was blow off the two goals

one from the right-sided Joaquin bottom line transmission, the Middle headed the ball into (Which players forget to grab a point), but the linesman was held flag to indicate the ball had been out of bounds, penalty goal referee is invalid, through slow motion, we can see Joaquin transmission in the moment, foot contact the ball exactly where pressure in the bottom line, the ball did not qualify for the remaining half. Linesman raise his flag when the time is also very worthy of scrutiny, generally as a linesman, have lost the ball near the bottom-line offside when possible will certainly keep a eye ball, then if the ball Chuliaodixian can immediately raise his flag, but it was edge Joaquin cut came in after the ball had been looking at the ball until the point when the Spanish players Kuaiqiang until the flag to indicate that even where the time difference of 0.1 seconds, sufficient in

the other is the tricky, unknown Spain use a front kick into the box for the opportunity to hang, or Spain's players grabbed the ball into points, but the referee had inexplicably foul penalty of the Spanish first, and referees do not even have to explain how the Spanish in the end someone fouled!

Since the game after I no longer watched a live broadcast of World Cup 02 ... ...

First is the work of FIFA's referee completely disappointed, and then the Chinese team Jingtun nine eggs, the greater the disappointment and hope, the greater the , France, Italy and France have a British league's top scorer but in the case of Zizou lost three games in a ball does not enter five columns, Argentina draw with Sweden were unable to turn Batty tragic tears, Portugal, the golden generation of bleak without Light, as well as Rivaldo match against Turkey was hit by the ball fell to the ground like the knee pain has Yanlian roll, finally, alone Barak even went so far as is now the magic of Emmanuel + Kahn, the final performance of the German team to and the King of Brazil fight for the championship ... ...

The only surprise is gratifying is that Zhuangtaiqijia crown top scorer Ronaldo, Ronaldinho began to grab classes have sprung up everywhere to seize power (PS: that free kick against England, although the surface is like Chuan-like shot, but I think a free kick from Ronaldinho's hair stations before the point of view, he was a good decision to start shooting in)
hollyzx2010-03-03 13:23:16 +0000 #3
Chinese team at this World Cup, the performance is very good. Results fairly stable.
pjc130372010-03-03 13:53:20 +0000 #4
sunlong11022010-03-03 14:56:20 +0000 #5
always Unforgettable, Argentina, after the team out of the tears Batty!
Mu-Lin, Feng Yu2010-03-03 14:41:31 +0000 #6
2002 World Cup was the only term of (so far) China's team reached the finals once, then just sit in, but also in the Asian race, so watch most of the game.

Was very fond of England, although a successful penalty Becks revenge Argentina, but in the quarter-final defeat at the mind may pass like Ronaldinho's free kick shot the foot of England once again Zhibubaqiang;

South Korean team returned into the historic World Cup semi-finals, while against Italy when the referee to take care of the suspects have been received but still created the Asian team's history;

contrast, the Chinese team, although the goal post twice been shut out, but Jingtun 9 bombs, is really a bit hard to accept the bitter fruit;

final between Germany and Brazil, Ronaldo and Kahn's contradictions war eventually ended with Ronaldo scoring the victory of winning the famed Gold Shoe, Brazilians chariot victory over Germany, the fifth of the Hercules won the cup!
A7410993272010-03-03 15:16:07 +0000 #7
02 World Cup stadium is very advanced in those to see the ball come to really have strong feelings about starting, it is stylish, very atmosphere. But the referee is absolutely eye-popping, such as South Korea into the quarter-finals, Italy out, South Korea into the semi-finals, Spain out, which are indeed people now seem to be very funny, but there are a lot of angry feeling.
Hi Goat and Big Big Conan2010-03-03 15:17:08 +0000 #8
I feel is the most popular are many. The first game Senegal: 0 victory over defending champions France, an upset. Group D Portugal to play a disorder, has lost to the U.S. team and South Korea. F group of Argentine final level no-show, the Swedish team.

Senegal finally advance eight, South Korea advance semi-finals (though not convincing), Turkey No. 3, are unexpected. France and Argentina were eliminated early and even more eye-popping.



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