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The largest island of the Zhoushan Islands, which a

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Zhoushan Island is the largest island of the Zhoushan archipelago

Zhoushan Zhoushan Island is the entire political, cultural, transportation and economic center. The island with hills dominated, accounting for 70% of the island area, shoreline twists and turns, deep wide-field and harbor good routes unobstructed ocean is connected to Ningbo, Shanghai, Wenzhou and even around the world. Air Hong Kong is also working on construction.

Historically, the Zhoushan Island, said the sea, was built in Xuanzong Kaiyuan Twenty-six years (738 years), then known as Aung San County. Song Xi-ning six years (in 1073), based Masakuni County yuan to the state, the early Ming re-set the county. Twenty-seven years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1688) renamed Dinghai County. Tao-kuang Ershiyinian (1841) l County Hall, the Republican has changed for the County Hall, after 1987, withdrawal of Zhoushan area to build the city became Dinghai area.



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