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Why Bayer Leverkusen Bayern's Miroslav Klose is it?

Nuggets Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets2010-03-03 16:10:23 +0000 #1

Meimei Mei Xi Xixi2010-03-03 16:20:48 +0000 #2
is leased to Bayer Leverkusen Bayern
Xinxin 07152010-03-03 16:47:02 +0000 #3
compiled in Bayern, but leased to Bayer Leverkusen, the new season and return to worship Jen the
If the Creek Wind2010-03-03 16:46:38 +0000 #4
ownership is Bayern ah

but did not place in the Bayern with young

on loan to Bayer Leverkusen of the end of the season Bayern will certainly be back, and Klose is too eye-catching of the recent performance of ,

last weekend to watch him play TSG Hoffenheim, 2 assists and a goal, Niu A.
saint00322010-03-03 16:25:12 +0000 #5
is a Bayern player, the new loan to Bayer Leverkusen last season, this season, playing crazy
Bentley20092010-03-03 17:16:23 +0000 #6
Kunitari hope acridine!
Haiming Desert Snow2010-03-03 17:49:23 +0000 #7
originally Bayern player, Bundesliga, after the first 90 players, the German captain Guoqing No. 10, midfield genius your feet fine, the bigger picture strong, is a rare another body of technology-based German player. Let Bayern, "for his No. 10 jersey reserved for" people, but now 10, has been part of Arjen Robben. Bayern has been due to lack of position, so leased to Bayer Leverkusen, and the players I currently do not want to return to Bayern. Cross the state this season, Dayong, League 4 goals 7 assists. Joachim Low has just announced a new selection of a German team squad. Hopefully the World Cup in South Africa.
Long Ze Kuang Yu2010-03-03 17:51:34 +0000 #8
lujings63042010-03-03 17:00:23 +0000 #9



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