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lampard08fight2010-01-22 03:02:00 +0000 #1
I now write about these two league teams own feelings, want to help people to buy lottery tickets. English Premier League Chelsea 4 strong feeling is the most stable in its three lines are running smoothly and tenacious midfield very stable, feeling Zucai gold lamps, Arsenal played a very weak teams with its smooth flowery, but, and teams had strokes needed to inspection, Liverpool midfielder Alonso left the organization after some confusion, but playing weak teams at home is still very stable in! Manchester United midfielder feels somewhat smoother, less aggressive Cristiano Ronaldo some confusion! However, Manchester United for so many years is still very stable, and Ferguson is very set! Bayern Jimo City, if the words of Chuck playing an attack will seriously affect the pace of Bayern, who basically does not transfer the ball forward, all of the high cross soft return, forward line of Gomez I feel is not suitable big-name team play, governance suitable for him as an absolute attack on the core, playing varsity, Franck Ribery and Bayern are not playing teams exchange blows Nan Sheng! Bundesliga, two teams relatively stable Ma Dashuai My personal feeling is that the 04 and ho, as Ma Dashuai terrible ah, ho bought a Simunic right guard this year to strengthen a great line, but Ibisevic to pay, their style of play is very smooth attack speed and lower reaches of the team playing at home should be optimistic about! Hertha Berlin defender due to left main, the two main strikers on the road is not optimistic about it Wo! Finally feeling Premiership Bolton, Bundesliga Bremen makes it more difficult to digest, try to not vote for! Manchester City's right to play weak teams are also very Cuoa! More than humble opinion, the laughing stock of the!

2009-08-24 11:09 improve the reward 10 points

2009-08-24 11:11 supplementary question

Bundesliga Freiburg, Nuremberg, are also two pairs of Fort downgrading to play popular believe the odds are also watching the case of is very important, the best long-term with a few teams, find out the characteristics and laws of their ability!

Qauqaut king2010-01-22 03:05:15 +0000 #2
Well, that's good, the top one!



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