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Meet me playing this how to do it

June de End Central2010-03-04 02:10:35 +0000 #1
I'm a student. Peacetime also talk to the students kicked. But do not remember When did you start, it should be I missed a few opportunities before it, some people began to laughed at me. nor is it malicious ridicule, more like a dig. but I can not be washed They called, after all, they are not malicious in nature. but every time I have the opportunity, he cried out in the back "definitely did not enter" or "I know you will not enter," "No goals are consistent with you" and the like. I, when in the face of goal, so feel the pressure, and even afraid of shooting, fear not enter was again smile at them. Oh, Hao Fan ah. how should we do?? seek help!
sanzierzi2010-03-04 02:14:00 +0000 #2
play is fun drops, they say you do not score, a large part of a joke, or they self-comforting, I hope you do not Jin, Do not pay attention, when you think that team-mate position better, pass the ball to him, of course, sometimes you are a man single-handedly, or must you shoot, you are a belief, shoot! ! Push angle, or you feel better goalkeeper position of station when he came to a burst shooting (volley, the momentum force of a thunderbolt, I am sometimes so shot, teammates said I shot the ball to go, like shells), while shooting while loudly to encourage themselves, For example saying "I Cao" (swearing too much, there is not said) show the courage of men, do not soft-soft to foot trouble. To prove that they will not be intimidated! !
White Flag2010-03-04 02:40:59 +0000 #3
more than one exercise to enhance their level so that they can not laugh at you

two to readjust the attitude of the pass or pass or shoot the shot

3 more on the pitch and make contributions to create trust in your teammates and even rely on



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