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Torres in the national team, the club's technical statistics - to all!

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This is the official Torres personal network, data can be said to be the most detailed, but are in English, fail to understand you directly to the site using GOOGLE translator with me (and will be do not I'll teach you).

National Team on behalf of his appearance on behalf of Spain data, the right is the time, the left is the match result and goals as well as the Spanish team were starting.

Not only that, I would recommend because they had Torres youth team there is data (from 95 years, was selected for T9 Atletico Junior team started), which is the do not, I hope you are satisfied.
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Full name: Fernando Torres

English name: Fernando Torres Sanz

Birthday: March 20, 1984

Height: 183cm

Weight: 78 Kg

Nationality: Spain

Current Club: Liverpool (9)

Zeng effectiveness Club: Atletico Madrid (9, captain)


Fernando Torres

Favorite Movie: "Beautiful Life"

the most favorite books: Maradona's "I'm Diego"

the most favorite male Cast: Roberto Benigni

favorite actress: Pisi Fei Taylor Wally

Favorite singer: 安德里斯卡拉 Malo

Idol: Zico

Player Profile

July 2007 , the Spanish golden boy to 36 million euros move to Premiership giants Liverpool, July 4, the Premier League club Liverpool held a news conference to formally announce signing of Spain striker Fernando Torres, the contract period of six years in Liverpool, known as the new "Spain's golden boy," Torres will be wearing a No. 9 jersey.

Spain's hopes

Torres, Torres, one active in the Calderon in Madrid Soccer T-sets a new standard-bearer, at the age of 20, when he had to wear a century-old Atletico Madrid captain armband. Him, Reyes and Iniesta have all been taught Guoqing, when Seth's love will be, and now three different fulcrum of the new Spanish football is being propped up hope, but the trend is most rapid Torres.

Money-making machines in the Spanish football circles, everyone knows that, "Marca" well-known journalist Matayana done a great folly. 5 years ago, a 15-year-old boy pleaded Matayana do their broker, Matayana to press the grounds that he is not promised, but will introduce youth to the three private television station ANTENA sports channel manager Jose and for the personal reputation is a guarantee that this will not make people regret things. Jose watching the game, after the juvenile left the station, full-time in this young broker, four years later, he had all the youth sports agent and business operations earned close to 450 million euros. Torres is young and he has. New favorite

Googel list according to Google statistics, Torres was ranked fifth in number of searches of the football players, more than Henry, Luis Figo and his compatriots, Raul, in front of him followed by David Beckham, Michael Owen, Ronaldo Faldo and Zinedine Zidane. From 17-year-old joined the League, two goals from the first appearance after the storm, and after three years of unremitting efforts, Torres is a Spanish football is already the latest figures icons and banners. 20-year-old Torres was captain of Atletico Madrid, but also the club's new soul, in the Sunshine Boy von La Plata, under the leadership is moving away from the relegation Atletico Madrid, relegation, the court proceedings, charges, and so the negative gray noun, began a "T" prefix symphony.


Nino, translates to "feather children", and his idol is the age children who shared van Basten, a Milan side is another legend Albertini, inside the San Siro with a dream. After three years, learned a lot of Italian slang Torres did not take, but in Madrid, was transformed from a "Nino" to a "T" changes. Today, in Spain, he took over the national team has been through Raul's "golden boy" Cloth.

Growth through to 1984 are pre-born Fernando Torres for the Spanish soccer prodigy, 19-year-old Torres, a curriculum vitae is enough magic: U-16 and U-19 European Cup titles, and is the best of those two Cup shooter. Daihatsu splendor in the league, he has become Spain's youngest national team striker, and has a "Raul II" nickname. Could be so young talented on the Spanish national soccer team as a main striker, Fernando Torres had said that only a genius can do it this way.

Torres at the foot of technology, well, whether in or outside the area inside the restricted area he is the other goalkeeper's nightmare. In the Spanish league for its outstanding performance, he has been the concern of the major European clubs. The 22-year-old striker in the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifier in 11 games scored seven goals, is Spain's top scorer. Early in his career, he helped Spain won the 2001 European U16 Youth Championship and 2002 European U19 Championship winner, and he also participated in the 1997 U17 FIFA World Youth Championship. 2004 European Cup, he was not in the three games to achieve goals.


club career appearance record of


2000/01 season the club played 41

2001/02 Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid 366


2003/04 Atletico Madrid 29 13 Atletico Madrid 3519

2004 / 05 Atletico Madrid 38 16


2005/06 Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid 2006/07 Liverpool 2007/08



game capped a record date of playing time against Portugal 0 Goals

2003-09-06 -3 Spain 440

2003-09-10 Spain 2-1 Ukraine 2-1 Spain 630


2004-03-31 Norway 690 Spain 2-0 Denmark 60 * 0

2004-04 -- 28 Italy 1-1 Spain 60 * 0

2004-06-05 Spain 4-0 Andorra 60 * 0

2004-06-12 Spain 1-0 Russia 28 * 0

2004-06-16 Greece 1-1 Spain 26 * 0

2004-06-20 Portugal 1-0 Spain 2004-08-18 Spain, 900


2004-09-03 Venezuela 3-2 Spain 1-1 Scotland 460

2004-10-09 Spain 2 -- 0 Belgium 53 0

2004-10-13 Lithuania 0-0 Spain 270

2004-11-17 Spain 1-0 England 5-0 Spain, 460


2005-03-26 Spain, San Marino 901 3-0 China 46 1

2005-03-30 Yugoslavia 0-0 Spain 900

2005-06-04 Spain 1-0 Lithuania 560

2005-06-08 Spain 1-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina 350

2005-08 -17 Spain 2-0 Uruguay 60 * 0

2005-09-03 Spain 2-1 Canada 530

2005-09-07 Spain 1-1 Yugoslavia, 530

2005-10-08 Belgium 0-2 Spain, 680

2005-10-12 San Marino 0-6 Spain 900

2005-11-12 Spain 5-1 Slovakia 901 Slovakia 1-1 Spain 2005-11-16


2008-06-30 Germany 0-1 (0 -1) Spain

2008-06-27 Russia 0-3 (0-0) Spain

2008-06-23 Spain 0-0 (0-0) Italy

2008-06-15 Sweden 1-2 (1-1 ) Spain

2008-06-11 Spain 4-1 (2-0) Russia

2007-09-13 Spain, 2-0 (1-0) Latvia

2007-09-09 Iceland 1-1 (1-0), Spain

2007-03-28 Spain, 1-0 (0-0), Iceland

2007-03-24 Spain, 2-1 (2-0) Denmark

2006-10-08 Sweden 2-0 (1-0) Spain

2006 -09-07 Northern Ireland 3-2 (1-1) Spain

2006-09-03 Spain 4-0 (2-0) a total of 38 games Liechtenstein

Technical Features

shot: 8

restricted area of the keen sense of smell, radio surgery well, your feet are able to shoot.

Pass: 7 key lies in his lethal shot.

Dribbling: 8

breakthroughs to speed and explosive power-based, combined with a sudden change lines, once a defender one on one situation with the break through the high success rate. Chu is the best striker Puyol.

Speed: 9

short sprint at high speed, power outstanding, Ma Guo guard in an instant.

Header: 7

and most of the Spain striker like Torres is probably the most powerful weapon to his feet.

Player News

2008 European Cup started in Basel, Switzerland, in this occasion of the opening session of the event and are actively preparing for the Spanish team sneak in a few key players to shoot a Nike's latest TV ad. The two superstars from the Premiership - Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas and Liverpool's Torres Zhezhi now be called the Spanish team's two core. In this ad, Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres and Puyol, Sergio - Ramos and Iniesta naked upper body, their skin throughout the writing of "magic, leadership, passion and respect for the "the word the word tattoo. Spanish team with these five main forms of communication such as the title ambitions.

16 European giants are fighting for the Delaunay Cup, "The Sun" from the 368 players selected 10 are most likely to be the key players, Mr.: Spanish golden boy in Liverpool had a fantastic season, 33 times playing scored 24 goals, ranking second in scoring charts. Spain, often in key contest mediocrity, Torres obligation also has the ability to change that, so long as he took out the Red Army Cuichengbazhai the skill of the Spanish championship was not a dream.

Torres in the Premiership's first season like gangbusters, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooy maintained by the foreign players in the first season, the highest scoring record. However, the golden boy of the second season to continue its recognition of such a state would be very difficult, because opponents will be more understanding of him. Torres called the club to spend heavily in the summer, the introduction of other heavyweight star, so in order to catch up with Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Signing Liverpool

Beijing at 22:00 on the July 4, 2007 (local time 15:00), Liverpool, the club held a press conference to formally announce signing of Spain striker Fernando Torres, the contract period of six years in Liverpool, Torres was wearing 9 shirt.

Fernando Torres Liverpool 21-day passed a medical, and 22 completed the signing, 23 years old, he morning news conference in Madrid, and Atletico fans final farewell, the afternoon flew to Anfield, as a Liverpool player and the media meeting.

In the summer of 2007 came to Liverpool after Torres fans immediately became the new darling of the Red Army. His performance on the pitch more and more well outside the influence of the court is also growing, even more than the Red Army captain Steven Gerrard has been signs of that in December the sale of Liverpool shirt, printed with the name of Fernando Torres 9 jersey is the highest-selling.

"Sunday Post" said the Liverpool shirt sales in 12 months a total of about 15000, of which one third is the printed with the name of Torres No. 9 jersey, jersey Torres has sold more than the Red Army Captain Kit Rad.

Team-mate Fernando Torres in Liverpool were also pleased with the performance. For Torres role in the backcourt assume personal command of Vice-captain Jamie Carragher see very clearly that his mind is the Red Army's version of the Rooney Torres, or C-Lo, allowing the Red Army on one level: "I very much hope that Fernando will give us a different season, just like Wayne Rooney and C-Lo has done for Manchester United. he definitely has the ability, he has not only the great Liverpool striker, but the whole league and even one of the world's best shooters. gap left by Michael Owen, he is fully capable of filling. I really hope that he do not stop, I know that some teams before the game will certainly say: 'really do not want to confront Torres!' "
Carragher believes Torres has the ability beyond the legend of the Red Army, "This is really a great deal the club ah, such a young age for our effectiveness, but also signed a six-year long. all these years, we have a long list of great shooters of the list, if he can maintain such a pace He will definitely go beyond them. "partner Kuyt Torres also wrote in his diary:" At least so far, he is the best striker in this league, generally even if the players have the ability, but they can only be to play our game, while Torres will change the game. "
Liverpool to buy Torres, the total cost at 26.5 million pounds, of which 20.5 million cash payment, while Luis - Garcia, 6 million as a bargaining chip to switch to Atletico. This figure broke three years ago to buy Liverpool Cisse's transfer fee recordAt that time the Red Army as the French took out 14 million pounds.

For joining Liverpool, Torres I am very happy, he also was awarded the No. 9 jersey on the expression of excitement. "Liverpool is one of Europe's best clubs, is the effectiveness of the team whom I want. For me, this is an opportunity, I will start a beautiful adventure."

"Liverpool gave me on the 9th shirt, which demonstrated their confidence in me, taking into account prior to passing through the shirt of the people is exciting. "In the history of Liverpool's No. 9 is the legendary archer number, two great striker Ian - Rush and Robbie - Fowler have wearing this number, Torres could inherit the mantle of their eagerly awaited.

Liverpool 9, Torres, can write a new legend, let us wait and see.

If Torres World Cup performance earlier Stars shine, chances are he will be known as "Spain's David Beckham."

Spanish football history is littered with heroes, but people put the impact of the current World Cup champions Spain desire all concentrated in only a 22-year-old boy who, he is Torres. Two rounds of matches in the group match, Torres has scored three goals, and began to enter the ranks of heroes.

As a Spanish football, a young talented people, Torres is also the most controversial players. Atletico Madrid training young team, Torres almost got teenagers and young adults of all levels of the game honors. After entering the adult team, Atletico Madrid, Torres has become a leading figure in 138 league games into 61 balls, and a young age has become a competitive team captain. Recently published in the British newspaper broke the news, Chelsea and Manchester United are a quest for the Star and battle it out. However, because he played for the Atletico Madrid, his ability to often be ridiculed by Real Madrid fans. Particularly those representing the athletic team and Real Madrid for eight games, Torres has not a goal. And he must be in the game are often missed scoring opportunities, and thus constantly being shaped by the media Kuangbian Madrid.

European Cup performance

Beijing at 2:45 on 2008, the first carried out the final 2008 European Cup final, in the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria by Germany against Spain.

Audience the only goal in the first 33 minutes: Harvey midfield forward pass to the closed frontier Torres, Torres stuck with the speed, forced from outside the body beyond the stuck bits of Ram, broke into the restricted area on the right, in the 10 a few meters in front of his right foot lob, the ball fell to the ground fighting over Lehman flying into the door to a more than 0! Spain's leading.

The first half of Spain by virtue of the cooperation between Harvey and Torres Shoukaijilu, the second half behind the attack on the German team has not been any good solutions, and Spain, while creating many chances but failed to grasp the end of Spain 1-0 The second defeat of Germany won the European Cup.

Of the 13th European Cup final the final goal with Fernando Torres, Spain beat Germany 1-0 to win the current European Cup champions. This is the first time in 44 years after Spain won the European Cup again.

This the final in Vienna, Ernst - Happel Stadium broke. Germany, a record first reached the European Cup six times (three wins), while Spain won the only contest at the 1964 European Cup home. The two sides clash in history a total of 19 times, the German record of 8 wins 6 level 5 negative. European Cup history, the two teams had met twice, each side wins a. Last time the two met was in 2003, Spain, home to 3 to 1 win.



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