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Spanish football fans with a little difference between the Premiership fans.

Xwyac2010-03-04 06:11:16 +0000 #1
Do not know if you are not found in the Primera Liga after a goal the fans cheering like "Oh ... ..." "ah ... ..." The Premiership on the "yeah!" Just a language difference Mody? I want to know that the Spanish fans cheering how to use language to express them.
daiselina2010-03-04 06:18:10 +0000 #2
their own way of expression certainly are different, this is also a fan

part of the culture in any venue, the cheers of the fans after scoring sound are in fact used to express their inner joy of a state of mind, as to what they are shouting, those who have been important, because this moment they have been indulging in the joy of scoring them.

English Premier League and La Liga yeah the yeah in fact very different, this is certainly due to language differences, usually issued by Spain are oh (OU) to celebrate the sounds, in fact, equivalent to the English Premier League yeah
【】 〓 ぁ № ¤2010-03-04 06:25:25 +0000 #3
La Liga's fans will certainly dry, but fans of the Premiership!
as694707146asa2010-03-04 06:32:11 +0000 #4
La Liga 啦
asDF3312010-03-04 08:01:59 +0000 #5
Spanish in South America may now a bit like, you can listen to the kind of South American passion. South America guide of the lung capacity is also very striking. . In contrast, in 2006 the Huang Jianxiang is, of course less of the
_ Maek Ka Hin _2010-03-04 06:51:37 +0000 #6
simply said that it sounds different in different languages

complicated point that related to the history and culture
Lucky Xiaomao2010-03-04 08:36:50 +0000 #7
I am a Barca fan, per When a player scoring a routine I have my loud cheers. But since last year's race saw Kunitari after imperceptibly under the ballpark every time I would only use "fuck" to express their emotions.
Ah love is the honey into the special Rotary2010-03-04 07:49:12 +0000 #8
big brother you are watching football or watching films then children do ...

Oh ... ah ... YEAH ...

Premiership Shashi Hou YEAH. I have never heard the loud noise over it
Silent Lens2010-03-04 08:33:16 +0000 #9
Premiership La Liga fans, the fans do not drink.
Have children wave good2010-03-04 10:46:06 +0000 #10
do not remember anything else, you'll remember that South America guide. goal ........... to goal three minutes



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