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Why open a free kick when the hand we must touch on the cocks underwear inside-meng ah? ?

dsadasa52010-03-04 10:11:24 +0000 #1

kakaimilan2010-03-04 10:19:31 +0000 #2
because if the penalty kick Kunitari of that guy is a player, then if he was "accurate," France kicked the ball of the foot of your's penis, then you Shuang big -!
zqtiago2010-03-04 10:31:03 +0000 #3
Is that a GPS navigation system
chinatakumi2010-03-04 10:54:54 +0000 #4
key positions to prevent being hit 呀!
cccut022010-03-04 10:28:54 +0000 #5
That was his hesitation in the end is how to play? Chicken Chicken is a kick the same as a straight ball well? Egg is still the same kick as a curve ball is good! ! ?
Jox212010-03-04 12:10:03 +0000 #6
save RP
Xiao-Hu Xue Design2010-03-04 11:48:12 +0000 #7
Louzhu lewd

really funny until the problem has two talented

upstairs fact, it is subconscious action

Louzhu If football is such a

First, as Lou Zhu said that as

Another is the inter-face
Demons zero2010-03-04 11:54:45 +0000 #8
free kicks is to make oneself more accurate "shoot out". . .

Defensive side to stand on the wall, is the lifeblood of their own in order to Hu Zhu will not be kicked broken. . .
Liu generous2010-03-04 10:55:24 +0000 #9
Protection! Play the role is to protect, not touch!
lwy06082010-03-04 11:07:30 +0000 #10
First of all hands to be close, otherwise it is easy to count Handball S

come hand straight down to protect the largest area of the body

the chest and hip is a human body is weak and important links, and take care to protect

It was also chest protector, protects the head
France g squid horse classes2010-03-04 13:48:00 +0000 #11
Shuang Bai



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