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Why Podolski scored in the club is not?

alanhuang09242010-01-16 08:01:09 +0000 #1
Podolski scored in the national team alarming rate, while Bayern, or Cologne, whether in life and death are not scoring, please explain why. Well-known players like him who else?
Jie bar2010-01-16 08:04:09 +0000 #2
1 to the national team on the revival of a return to the club forward on the half-dead, in fact, rare, a very simple truth, one in the club can not get into the ball forward, how can he be selected for the national team it? That Podolski in the end how the story, here is my point of view

1) location problem, Cologne, Prince does not play in the Bayern striker position, more often, he is being arranged in the left avant-garde seat, while the Bayern striker is overcrowded, Klose, Toni, and even have Altintop came in front of him, but returned to Cologne, the club captain, Slovenia striker Novacovici position can not be changed He was playing striker up front, so the wavelet only in shadow behind him playing peak, while the Cologne attack power can be imagined, midfielder Maniche, or the former Portugal international Petit players are not passing, Goal effects on certain problems

2) the issue of confidence in his relatively great pressure on Bayern to play not a problem, but returned to Cologne, in fact the pressure is not small, only bigger, Why? Cologne is to train His famous team, is my home, everyone's hopes are on him, for his handling of this pressure was not enough

Podolski is quite a feature of the players, his speed, his breakthrough as well as the Shots are very strong, and this is the scarcity of the German national team, so his team will open the door has always been, but also in the national team he was more free play, so play better. Such examples can you find a out: Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt, who was in Liverpool, Rafael Benitez converted into the right avant-garde, he does not affect his national team place, and why? he scored much, but he was better adapted to the new location, that is, way.



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