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That is the question of gambling recently caught two teams ah?

Seeking death birdie2010-03-04 16:10:52 +0000 #1

America Blue degrees2010-03-04 16:26:22 +0000 #2
Football Association, has been taken away by officials, Fan Guang-ming confessed to determine the two teams are betting Guangzhou Pharmaceutical and Zhejiang Greentown. Drugs were widely adopted by Fan Guang-ming, cold waves and Greentown captain, Shen Xi Liu and others match fixing on the spot. Of course, for now, betting on games of not only these two teams, Shenyang Haishi (now Changsha Jinde) also can not escape the stakeholders, according to Licheng Peng's broke the news, there had been buried alive Jinde Makers captain thing. Chongqing Loncin, Beijing Guoan, Shenzhen Jianlibao, Changchun Yatai ... ... and many other teams have a suspect, and even the national team also exist, such as the 2002 World Cup, the media broke the 200,000 people eligible to buy a striker, not how to participate in than directly to the World Cup qualifiers, but never went to three games field, specifically who is, in fact, all the people know; for example, the current Kunitari coach competitive selection, is allegedly a black-box operation; for example, has entered the South Yong carry 6 million bank cards.



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