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Heard of football pass do

foam flying fish2010-03-04 16:11:25 +0000 #1
Does anyone heard of football pass do? Can be said to miss the exciting return to broadcast football matches, to know please tell me, thank you -
qby9610122010-03-04 16:24:33 +0000 #2

. User's Manual. User Manual

Product Description

server / client mode Professional E-zine: football pass, you can provide users with the most immediate and comprehensive football information, a comprehensive data analysis and authoritative experts, referral and other services. Using multi-threaded robot soccer means of all kinds of information collected on the global football-related terminology in various languages and the translation of a unified code restructuring, the use of advanced client-side control methods show a good man-machine interface to facilitate operation of the general football fans . At the same time adopted the shareholder partner to launch a large-capacity, and illustrated football Zi Xun.


football to communicate is by downloading the client software to access the server through the client software to obtain real-time various types of football around the world the way information is to provide users with information services, as long as the machine can be connected to the Internet can be used.

Simulated golf course client colors is designed to allow football pass more features!

Totals information needs updating:

- football market has an invisible hand in the operation, that is the world's major soccer lottery companies out of the Handicap, huge commercial interests influenced the world's major events

- experts recommend simply shrunk to promote, but also to determine type of referral. Totals have been tired, or stock analysts no longer believe that a similar type of referral specialists.

- A raffle is a need for such specialized information and judge for themselves the situation the team to buy lottery tickets.

- Our business features: that crawled Macau, Europe and the region's major water Zucai's real-time Handicap (requires fee), development of specialized rendering software, chart control, giving users real-time multimedia on demand. Include: line chart (the state of the impact the team's most real-time data), the major real-time Handicap level, historical data.

Uniform requirements
-processor PC using Pentium 200MHz (recommended P600MHz)

available hard disk space to install drive with at least 50MB available hard disk space

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM according to the products of the media types to be equipped with CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM drive, video settings resolution of

800 × 600,256 colors (recommended: 1024 × 768,16-bit High Color)

Mouse Microsoft Mouse or compatible device

click on the specific requirements of the operating system configuration requirements

Windows 98 / 98SE/ME RAM: Minimum 64MB (recommended 96MB)

Internet Explorer: 5.0.2 or later

Windows2000 Professional RAM: Minimum 96MB (recommended 128MB)

WindowsXP Professional RAM: Minimum 160MB (recommended 192MB)

Windows XP Home RAM: Minimum 96MB (recommended 160MB)
lone goal2010-03-04 16:54:25 +0000 #3
the top that made it very clear



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