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How the European football league points

ldckkl2010-03-05 04:10:39 +0000 #1
What La Liga Serie A Bundesliga ah I do not understand what the Real Madrid's excuse
Wen-hong Li Changjiang2010-03-05 04:24:12 +0000 #2
five major European football leagues, saying that the Italian Football League, the English soccer Premier League, Spanish Soccer League, Bundesliga, French football league. Sometimes, non-French Football League and the four major leagues. The league represents the world's top football football has attracted many players. Often guide the development of football, a new direction.

[Edit this paragraph] five major league history, current situation and future development

World War II, soccer in Europe within the framework of rehabilitation up quickly. With the creation of the European Champions Cup, the sport in various countries have become increasingly frequent exchanges. As the environment and the different style of play, the traditional point of view, Italian and Spanish league with high technological content, while Germany and England's league pay more attention to physical confrontation, competition and rapid pace. Generally speaking, since the 50's to 90's, all the interaction between the league is not much.

As the League's booming economic conditions, the performance is directly linked to the national team, so in this century ago, Serie A is considered the first league, known as "Little World Cup." Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan in the European arena outstanding performance. At that time, Dutch soccer league record shine the same, their influence as prominent as today's French.

With the Bosman ruling of the birth of the players, complete freedom, diminishing relative strength of the league, five major league claims becoming more widely known. La Liga Serie A to become the first league to replace; League One into the Premiership after a substantial increase in competitiveness; Serie A because of economic recession and the resulting oligopoly of declining competitiveness; Bundesliga marked decline in the competitiveness of the same; French due to the introduction of a large number from the first 3 makes it the world's top players to become new favorites; in the same situation also Portuguese ultra; and Dutch influence also declined.

Current La Liga and the Premiership attracted a large number of outstanding players, became the largest player enter the land; Serie A after the events in a telephone gate outflow of a large number of players, there is input from the players to become an exporter of the risk; while Bundesliga, French, Dutch has exporter of the three major players in Europe. Spanish league with high technological content as to attract a large number of South American players, the Premiership is because of its strong financial support and technical content to enhance and fast development. Can be said that the current five leagues, the Premiership's most commercialized, the most traditional La Liga, Serie A's most conservative, the Bundesliga's most stable, while the French organizational structure is the most stress, "thoughtful" and "fairness."

With the commercialization of football is increasingly clear, most researchers and European football club owner said: self-organized by the G14 closed, there is no lift-class "European Super League" in the next decade will come, and now European football is at the turn of the old and new era of time. In addition, as a result of small clubs Bosman ruling to survive the difficult issues such as same concern.



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