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Chinese basketball, football violence and gambling events everywhere

bone collector2010-01-22 08:01:21 +0000 #1
first that the article is my own original Oh, we see that this picture will be what comes to mind? To see 14 children, how innocent and lively, loving-football, but because of Football gave him his own life in vain,

August 2009 the evening of 17, was coach of assault, brain damage among young female soccer poems Hao, unfortunately, left his family and his love of football. On this day, he was coaching from the days of violence there is 25 days. Master Shi Hao parents, grief-stricken, they want through legal means and hold the beat of the murderer.

This little difference between coaches and hooligans, I guess culture is also a junior high school level, China's stars of the future so gone, so coaches should be severely punished, at least, he should be sentenced to life imprisonment, such behavior is not acceptable Why Chinese soccer violence everywhere, really should be a good reflection, but also want to punish these people, hope that all fans of this lovely little fan moment of silence, let him well. see, they laugh more than happy to win La? in fact not, but the defeat to Iran, the final runner-up, if not see the results of the competition, only to see this picture will certainly think of China to win, winning is gambling, and following a pig-Fang Yu, and Du crazy dialogue (hope everyone likes their own originality is purely fiction) Pig: Komori tonight, how much profit? Du: tens of thousands. pig; you how I do not have confidence so ah, I said to you before the race, but today I will be quite a night performance of 'good' definitely let our team lose, look at me, down the re-injection to buy Chinese lose ah, this time I do earn more than a million. Du: pig I should listen to you on the By the way, unfortunately ah. Pig: all right all right, do not gas, after the opportunities that the evening you go to nightclubs Colombia Merry Merry, Mrs: Well Well "They laugh (you know what? this final the Chinese team lost 15 points or more, odds are a lose 80 ah, dear, so high, if I take out 100,000 to buy, you earn Think about how much ah), these people are really very professional ethics issues, BasketballAdministration Center's leaders about good governance Bar

masterpieces of worms2010-01-22 08:15:54 +0000 #2
players do not fight, no motivation, what games can be lost!



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