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I plant according to the current momentum and status can be kicked to what extent?

My factory Invincible ah ah2010-03-05 14:10:56 +0000 #1

Long River man2010-03-05 14:19:05 +0000 #2
There is no doubt win!

Today's Arsenal again, let me turn my imagination seems to back that year, 49 games unbeaten in the myth.

I thought of 亨利丹尼斯 Ljungberg 皮雷维埃拉

yesterday, stay up all night reading score of the game, Merida is also a pity that brisk walking a hey

I wish I Nana be able to regain championship although I am not decent gunmen

Although the Red Devils fans fans, but I think this year's team won the state do not deserve to win I do not think I really deserved Why do you say very busy recently lost the only copy of the ball saw two young Guard 3 : 0 Burnley win half those games looked at my gas sleep organization that midfield is really miserable

Now, whenever, and Nana and I are grabbing a car games old and feeling heart beat

did not say hope for Na Na won the Champions League is best taught a good lesson about Platini Barcelona to which the shining.

I have always felt the team with the Gunners Barcelona Duoliaoyifen compared to how the speed and passion, but no. . . . . .




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