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Ask: Football single-game how to play as well as the prize back to the calculation method?

Empire sun2010-01-22 10:02:04 +0000 #1
Zhejiang can sell single-game Guess I do not know where to buy, but also do not know a single field back to the calculation of awards, please master pointing out the column.
Jie bar2010-01-22 10:03:49 +0000 #2
: "single market" the value of odds presentation and calculation of SP

betting pool odds Introduction

1, pot odds: Football single-game quiz pot odds -type lottery tickets, bet of each game, according to figure out a betting pool Odds (SP).

Betting pool Odds (SP) = total amount of bets per game / total investment amount of the winning lottery ticket.

The first of SP1, the second for SP2, ... ..., 8th-spot SP8

2, a single market conditions and the winning prize money betting calculating

single-game betting in line with the actual results of the competition that is of winning.

Single-game betting bonus = 2 yuan × single-game betting pools Odds (SP) × 65%.

3, bet the winning conditions and bonus calculations

must all be correctly guessing out of every single game for the winning, any error is not winning in a quiz.

Bet bonus = 2 yuan × (selected screenings of the single-game betting pools Odds (SP) with x) × 65%.

4, a single market, customs mixed conditions and prize winning betting calculating

single market, customs mixed bets, a single-game quiz correctly, a single-game quiz errors, pass a note will not hit the jackpot, Guess the correct can be winning a single game.

SP value (odds) is calculated

For example, the first 37 Premier League Chelsea VS Manchester United 3 1 0

bet amount: 50 thousand yuan 30,000 yuan 20,000 yuan

Color Pool: 100,000 yuan

if: Chelsea wins SP = 100000/50000 = 2

the two teams tie SP = 100000/30000 = 3.33

Manchester United won the SP = 100000/20000 = 5

betting pool odds Introduction

store screen displays SP values reflect the situation in the various betting games, namely, the various quiz games are played in the ratio of betting options, purchase only as a color reference. Because, the new bet to join in the final lottery announcement on the SP and stop pre-sale will be a slight gap between the value of the SP, bonus calculation to lottery announcement on the SP shall prevail.

I: Single games drawn, lost betting tips

P W D L games are played is Europe's oldest betting, everyone knows that games are played the biggest single market is characterized by a bet on the value of a floating SP , while the European odds are fixed, so how to make choices to maximize the value of the SP value is the key, that is, awareness of the need to catch cold, so that the final SP value can be higher than the market average odds. In the past, a single field color to buy experience, if we can capture the surprise teams lose, SP will certainly be much higher than the market value of the average odds, and some even several times, you can perform more efficiently.

1. Select Competition

The first step is how to select games, the current single-color guessing games will have a strength of schedule to combat the basic event, focusing on these games, as well as the odds Handicap by fundamentals such as a research tool to identify possible secondary popular event occurs, then the results of the popular betting. Here, why not choose the results of the competition if the results are sure to bet that teams won the raffle is certainly practical experience, because teams would win most of the final SP value is very limited, one fumbled several times in order to fill the need back, so from an investment point of view is not as unpopular choice effect is good. Of course, not to say that the game must be selected to be the strength of clear, the central idea is to rely on the direction of the cold.

2. Catch cold

how to determine the teams would be upset is a problem, there are some experiences and skills can learn from, A: European and Asian Handicap odds are not, are usually popular event is to open a small Handicap . B: before and after the war in Europe is often upset teams of multi-peak period, such as the Champions League last week, the former including participation in the UEFA Cup and Champions League winning team into a less than 5. C: select teams as a guest of the game, usually down the home teams a season of winning at 7-8 into, but the road will have to lower a lot. Other areas such as injury-ball style phase g, historical track record, etc. can also find out the cold.

3. Pairs of the election results to

In practice, due to unpopular results to the final SP value is higher, so you can take to increase two-way selection, in general, if the teams tie, or lose the value of the two positive results of SP are higher than 3, so even if there SP values can also be a result of a lower guaranteed rate of return over 50%, of course, two-way selection can also be allocated in proportion to bet, depending on individual results to the judge bias. It should be reminded that the election results to pairs of words to select a SP are about 3 or above. In fact, the European odds of such a system in itself how to play, return a low point, but more insurance.



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