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Serie A 09-10 season, forward-looking (Tf)

Forever novice2010-01-22 11:01:47 +0000 #1
2009-10 season, Serie A Jijiangkaida, all Serie A fans to expect a common thing most likely occur - that is, Reloaded Juventus and details are still The AC Milan will be a great challenge to the four consecutive Serie A Inter Milan.

In addition to "Three wealthy", the state is very stable in recent years, Florence, injury problems are solved in Rome, Lazio crack, kicked South America - Apennine mixed-style Naples and Genoa will be upset by the new season persons.

Despite the aircraft's two core Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Kaka gone to Spain, but their replacements come Eto'o and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, as well as the Bundesliga planes of the "before and after the core" Diego Ge and the Lucio are three-way for the new season champion, an increase of Aspect.

In addition, Joe arts, Pastore, Thornton and other young teenager will become more mature, such a Serie A is still able to attract a lot of loyal fans. Now please follow the editor to forward the new Serie A season warlords: (by the team name in alphabetical order)

Italian football transfers list


Coach: Gregucci (Angelo Gregucci)

star players : Doni (Cristiano Doni)

attention to rising stars: Kangxigeli (Andrea Consigli)

Top signing: Acquafresca (Robert Acquafresca)

season goal:

In the middle league Del Neri's success led by Asia Stella spent the success of two great seasons, but coach Gregucci's goal remains the success of the team led the league among the top ten. Replacement Floccari Acquafresca come to Bergamo's, should be able to easily help the team relegation.


Coach: Ventura (Giampiero Ventura)

Star Player: Barreto (Barreto)

attention to rising stars: Lander Cia (Andrea Rannocchia)

Top signing: Alvarez (Edgar Alvarez)

season goals : relegation

lost after the upgrade Conti Meritorious coach Barry team did not sign big-name star, which makes them a lift ride back to Serie B team the most popular candidate. Barry to return to Serie A after a lapse of eight years, apart from expected new coach, have to expect them scored 23 goals last season, the Brazilian striker Barreto.


Coach: Papadopulo (Giuseppe Papadopulo)

Star Player: Di Vaio (Marco Di Vaio)

attention to rising stars: Viviano (Emiliano Viviano)

Top signing: Raj (Andrea Raggi)

season goal: relegation

Finally a story of adventure in the new season, relegation should be re-staged. Houweilaji and the arrival of midfielder ancient anak should be able to enhance the team's lineup, but this blog for a team in the relegation, that was a little drop in the bucket.

Coach Cagliari: Porto Alegre (Massimiliano Allegri)

Star Player: Marchetti (Federico Marchetti)

attention to rising stars: Marzoratti (Lino Marzoratti)

Top signing: Barone (Simone Barone )

season goal: the middle and lower ranking

last season, made 53 points and led his unit to become the ninth coach in league Allegri created a miracle. The introduction of increased Barone midfield strength, but sold in the past two seasons the team's top scorer Acquafresca is a miracle that they can not repeat an important factor.

Catania coach: Etezuoli (Gianluca Atzori)

Star Player: Mascara (Giuseppe Mascara)

attention to rising stars: Morimoto your luck (Takayuki Morimoto)

Top signing: Delvecchio (Gennaro Delvecchio)

season goal: relegation

did not re-invested in the success of the hero city rivals Palermo coach team, but the team stayed on the major players have chosen. Although the goal of low-positioned to talk about relegation last season, could be the third consecutive season, Catania's success is not impossible.

Chievo coach: Dicarlo (Domencio Di Carlo)

Star Player: Pelicier (Sergio Pellissier)

attention to rising stars: Grippo (Simone Grippo)

Top signing: Ariati (Luca Ariatti)

season Objectives: relegation

flying donkey going through a low opening thrilling season, they still fly at an altitude of Serie A. Retaining the three lines before and after the leader - Pelicier, Yepes, and Luciano, the donkey is still possible to fly deep relegation quagmire.


Coach: Prandelli (Cesare Prandelli)

Star Player: Adrian Mutu (Adrian Mutu)

attention to Nova: About Vidic (Stevan Jovetic)

Top signing: Javier Zanetti (Cristiano Zanetti)

season objectives: Champions League qualification

When Prandelli Viola became coach in 2005, he set himself seven years, the goal aspirations to Serie A title. Four years later, Prandelli has already built the team in Serie A with a full competitive, and they also realized in a row among the Champions League aspirations. But the last few seasons after the big buy Hope Star, this summer, slightly purple lilies will be completely silent on the point P Shuai Jin MicroHand.


Coach: Gasperini (Gian Piero Gasperini)

Star Player: Floccari (Sergio Floccari)

attention to rising stars: Chris Chito (Domenico Criscito)

Top signing: Amelia (Marco Amelia)

season goal: Champions League qualification

just like the same as last season, players Genoa frequent trading may well be the strongest team is still upset by the title. Lost three forcing - Milito, Thiago Motta and Ferrari in Genoa, breath won Crespo, Floccari, Amelia, kulja, Zha Pate, and Moretti, the group Serie A Serie A Lao Youtiao subversive potential.

Inter Milan coach: Jose Mourinho (Jose Mourinho)

Star Player: Samuel Eto'o (Samuel Eto'o)

attention to rising stars: Thornton (Davide Santon)

Top signing: Gabriel Milito (Diego Milito)

season Objectives: League champions

Eto'o positive and Milito's diligent people quickly forget that the former had gone to Barcelona Tai Zhuzi Zlatan Ibrahimovic, while the "accident" will be added to obtain the Lucio compete for the Champions League Inter Milan League strength. In addition, warm-up match from the state perspective, last season, has been the standard King - Quaresma gradually adapted to the Italian style. However, Mourinho is expected to introduce playmaker Rengmo hear about.

Juventus coach: Ferrara (Ciro Ferrara)

Star players: Gianluigi Buffon (Gianluigi Buffon)

attention to rising stars: Joe Wenke (Sebastian Giovinco)

Top signing: Diego (Diego)

season objectives: League Champions

This is a call gate, the Juventus for the first time with such ambitious aspirations to league title. Diego introduced this summer, Fabio Cannavaro, and Mello, of the pairs of the original team captain Alessandro Del Piero and Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus strong exception to the composition of "five-pointed star." Although the location of the fullback still hidden, but the best players together and the Ewing seemed to want to use the wheel and tactics make up for this defect.

Lazio coach: Ballardini (Davide Ballardini)

Star Player: Zarate (Mauro Zarate)

attention to rising stars: Diyakaite (Mobido Diakite)

Top signing: Cruz (Julio Cruz)

season Objectives: Europa League qualification

capital of the team with the Italian Super Cup winner for the new season opened a good start, while the Blue Eagle President Lotito right to the players leaving the team's hard-line attitude, it seems that we can see a league among the top six there is no problem of the division of unity. Although the Blue Eagle's deep bench also a problem.

michaelbes2010-01-22 11:12:44 +0000 #2
I think your analysis is very correct. . . Looks really a fan of Italian football ah. . . But now power is indeed gone down. . .



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