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Football, the difference between back and side guard

_ Maek Ka Hin _2010-03-06 08:10:45 +0000 #1
killfatboy2010-03-06 08:19:15 +0000 #2
watched the above floor is right in saying that it is not comprehensive and, I add a few points.

Football, the defender, including in the back and side back, while the back was divided into ordinary in the back and delayed the defender (ie, scavenger), edge guard sub-type and defensive assists. The allocation of a specific look at the needs of the tactical formation.

In the back of the technical characteristics of mainly defensive, including the positive defense, defense, and the other forward position of the card. Now the ball offside rule as made, many are relatively stations Zhongwei front, so we need a definite turn Fan Qiang, the card-bit capability. Tactic is to stay a scavenger scavenger relative on the list in order to fill the seats at any time steals. Now the ball faster and faster, scavenger tactics are now rare, and look at the Premiership will know; to see 90's Serie A on the common.

In the back there is an anti-air and protects, to have a header and height requirements. Header is often the best team in the back. Is also true, in positioning the ball in after going to the regular session up Zhengding, so that in later than on the defensive only.

Side of the main defensive back wings, defending each other's wings breakthrough in cooperation with the guard to help defend. As the winger for a larger space than the Road, this push-back would be appropriate before the pass, requires a certain capacity to a long pass. However, based mainly on defense, a typical example is the Manchester United's Neville.

But now football speed increase, the faster the winger, winger breaking the more opportunities, which requires border guards should be able to keep up to speed, the speed upgrade has once again dares to push the edge back to each other before the the bottom line throughout the wings, which has become common now are speed, can dribble, pass, president of the attacking side defender, Roberto Carlos is an example.

In addition to this thought, when the border guard assists go up, it is often the space left after the market larger, the other party back, the slow traditional defender can not cover the entire backcourt defense is difficult to prevent the speed type striker. This can only rely on midfielder retracement, or the speed of a good anti-Zhongwei fill. Professor Wenger had invented the stream of consciousness in the back (forget that it is not his invention, in short, Arsenal used). The speed, steals a strong ability to be able to block out the other side of the ball at any time, which steals the defensive back has a high awareness of requests. No man is perfect, such a defender headed the relative weakness of Toure and Gallas are examples.
Authoring2010-03-06 09:00:33 +0000 #3
back including the back, side back, side back, including left-back, right back
bearkun1232010-03-06 08:29:15 +0000 #4
posterior is a goalkeeper before the last line of defense is required rock. Excellent approached the edge after going to the timely assists. Have to pay attention when approached after the meeting in place 啦
Feng Costa says this2010-03-06 08:27:19 +0000 #5
border guard asked our ability to make more assists, defense can be if the 1:00
daiselina2010-03-06 09:54:06 +0000 #6
defender in the back and sides can be divided into two kinds of

side back guard commitment is sidewalks, defensive missions, while the defender is assuming that the Middle defensive back with the task

while the functions of a general in the guard, but it also has its own unique function, which means you can edge guard defensively but can also attack, this attack function is given the team the necessary freedom to function, while the defender will not have the offensive functions, its main function is defense, the team will not give it back free of the offensive guard is a function of

the back side of a supplement in defender defensive ability can not be perfect, we must require the defense side guard, edge guard defensive pressure is not heavy, if there are mistakes in the back cover, while the defender's defensive tasks and pressure than the weight back side too more, because the majority of shooting in the direction of Middle Road, Middle Road defender is not only responsible for ensuring the quality of the task, but also led the defensive task of the whole line of defense
lchlqd1232010-03-06 08:38:48 +0000 #7
back including the back and side back

side back into the right guard and left guard

generally is a defensive guard in the guard personnel

height is generally high-back is generally not high

in the back corner or a free kick to the general competition for strong defensive header air and protects the body to recover, but due to the high side of the ball back in general have slow

edge avant-garde and between the two sides back up defensive and offensive
3A old rifle2010-03-06 10:01:28 +0000 #8
defender is mainly defensive, while the side to plug in the back there are far more offensive
350,960,9642010-03-06 12:16:30 +0000 #9
defender is mainly anti-positive breakthrough, air and protects, so the body behind the ball ... , height, sense of stronger defensive back ... also there are some in the siege vigorously, and vigorously the ability to kick like a Luxiaoe ... ... ...

edge back to Elaishie more volatile, is generally offensive side of the defensive side, side-wei attack assists with set of edges, forward runs in order to tear gap defensive back to catch the main ..., fill the seats to meet the restricted area in the back blocking the main ... like Ramos, Efrain, Alves is offensive ... ...



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