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fm2010 second Premiership season on how to register new players end up playing eligibility

sad pain2010-03-06 08:11:04 +0000 #1
Gourcuff before the start of the season has not yet to the team, now begin the league how to do, how to register, suggesting that if a timely registration will be eligible to participate in the next game, could be in the end how to register
encore142010-03-06 08:17:11 +0000 #2
is the number of registered. There can be more than numbers. English Premier League began in mid-August. Transfer date is September 1. Transfer will be registered the opportunity to close these past few days. It is impossible that a few days in winter can also register the transfer. I have not registered league players. But you can play Cup.
Loss dě Star2010-03-06 08:22:28 +0000 #3
to him to sign into the U18 youth team, and then promoted to the main team take a look. I have not played FM10.
qu4682010-03-06 09:31:39 +0000 #4
never played



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