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127 Mourinho's unbeaten home league games are not possible in the game against Milan, passed away?

28,725,4242010-03-06 10:11:32 +0000 #1
Mourinho in 127 league games unbeaten at home Is it possible to match against Milan, passed away?
useless in rainy weather2010-03-06 10:13:27 +0000 #2
En Yes, into a 128 field

O (∩ _ ∩) O-
oumen79389922010-03-06 10:24:11 +0000 #3
Is there really depends on the level of AC Milan Inter Milan away overturned a ..... Everything is possible, coupled with the recent state of A m good, still some hope
love Gone Love has hurt2010-03-06 11:24:37 +0000 #4
Milan bar no problem

is the winger did not Pato is a problem

Anti-Anti be unlikely
JACK_TURK2010-03-06 11:49:32 +0000 #5
No, you have residual brain Ah, the Inter Milan game is considered the away
lws08232010-03-06 11:15:44 +0000 #6
likely ah,



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