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Serie A 20-year 20 people is he referring to a few?

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1. Maradona

to Maradona in Naples as the captain began to start them from Serie A last climb to the forefront. Maradona to Naples left two league titles, one Italian Cup and one League Cup, which is almost the history of football in Naples could get everything. This alone, Maradona will be enough to become the king of Naples.

2. Batistuta

who lives in Florence, fought nine years of Argentina's power forward, Florence fans hearts forever Chun ancient Shuojin hero, who for the Florence club nine years, 269 games, scored 168 goals in the killer, from any point of view can be seen as model for professional soccer players, can be worthy of the highest honor given to him in Florence, the fans.

3. Roberto Baggio

Baggio's loyalty permeates every drop of his blood, perhaps from Florence to Brescia's six teams will make people feel that he is a constant search for new living environment of people, but his heart every time changes are a major choice. For the team, was sentenced to Roberto Baggio's departure does not mean that more is in a helpless, and his loyalty to the Azzurri supported him until the last time going to the gym. Loyalty to the family so that Baggio has a happy family, the loyalty of his friends will not bid for Roberto Baggio coach betrayed the trust of teammates secret.

4. Maldini Paolo Maldini

June 26, 1968 was born in Milan, Italy, the former AC Milan coach Cesare Maldini's son, in the 1988 European Football Championship emerge in the past 10 For more than has been considered the best defender in Italy, is by far the most representative of Italy national team players played. Is even more commendable is that from the 16-year-old Paolo Maldini for AC Milan since the effectiveness of loyalty until today, will lead AC Milan to the dynasty reached its zenith in the record on behalf of AC Milan, played 902 games, is the famous dynasty of Milan Witnesses and founders.

5. Basten

3 swordsman representative. Van Basten, AC Milan out of a total of 108 tournament games, scoring 124. Van Basten, the Dutch team competing in the 1990 World Cup, performance in general, did not score. In 1988, the Dutch team exalted European Football Championship trophy, Van Basten won the best player and best scorer, and selected the best team. In 1992, once again played the 9th session of the European Cup for the Netherlands won the first three had rendered meritorious service.

6. Matthaeus

3 carriages representative. The 1990 World Player of the Year, was named 14th captain Lothar Matthaeus as the best World Cup player in 1980, West Germany won the European soccer championship in 1990, he hailed the 3rd West Germany was the World Cup Gold Cup. In addition, in 1982, 1986, 2nd runner-up won the World Cup, Euro 1988, won the first three.

7. Vialli

Vialli Juventus history, the famous "bald captain," he effect of the Bianconeri from the 1992/93 season to 1995/96 season, a free transfer after the end of Chelsea. He and Roberto Baggio, Fabrizio Ravanelli combination of the composition of the attacks to help regain Juventus Serie A title in 1995, and later, Del Piero replaced Roberto Baggio. Baggio AC Milan in the transfer, after, he became captain of the year zebra.

8. Signori Signori

Lazio transfer to the wealthy. 1992-1993 season, Signori with 26 goals and other famous victory over Marco van Basten to gain the season's top scorer. Since then he has run out of control from 1993 to-1994 season and 1995-1996 season, Signori has also won two Golden Boot.

9. Vieri

Christian Vieri center the best interpretation of the term, the restricted area's dominant .1973 year July 12 was born in Bologna, Italy, his father Robert Christian Vieri is a six or seven decades on behalf of the Italian one of the best football striker. The relationship between the coach because of his father, Christian Vieri spent his childhood in Australia, when his favorite sports are cricket, the most admired player is the mobilization of Australia's cricket player Alanbode. Vieri has also played rugby for some time, it has created his future all-conquering physical fitness.

10. Mancini

November 27, 1964 Jesse was born in Italy, Bologna, 1980, set off on behalf of professional league, becoming the youngest Italian Serie A player.

1982 signed Sampdoria, 1985,1988 and 1989 three times to help Sampdoria won the Italian Cup.

1984 for the first time on behalf of the national team played the Canadian team, after which he played for the country a total of 36 times, into 4 balls.

1988/89 season: In the European Cup Winners Cup final defeat by Barcelona 2 to 0, but in the 99/00 season, he led the second Sampdoria reached the Cup Winners Cup final, to 2 to 1 victory over de-lay Hurt won.

1991: Sampdoria Mancini finally tasted the taste of Serie A champions, 90/91 season, he contributed 12 goals, partner Vialli there are 19 balls accounted for.

1992: In the Champions Cup final in Barcelona from 0 to 1 negative. Competition was held at Wembley.

1994: The Fourth Sampdoria led the Italian Cup. In the same year he took part in friendly matches and the German team, ending his team's mission.

1996/97: 33 games into the 15 league goals. 97 In the summer he went to Lazio.

1998: to help Lazio won the Italian Cup.

1999: In Birmingham, England, European Cup Winners Cup final, led Lazio 2 team than a win over Real Mallorca.

1999/2000: Although Lazio won the Champions League and Italian Cup, but at this time of Mancini's career night come to an end, because there is no league in 20 games to score, disheartened, he announced his retirement from football , this time he represented the national team appearances night stuck in the 36 floor.

Retired, Lazio coach Roberto Mancini will soon enter the layer, as team coach Sven-Goran Eriksson's number two.

January 9, 2001: Due to poor record, Sven-Goran Eriksson announced his resignation under pressure, but Mancini did not accept the invitation, President Cragnotti good intentions, he also announced that no longer serve as Lazio coach duties.

Then, he suddenly want to play, and then joined the English Premiership team Leicester City, where he played five Premiership games.

February 26, 2001: Florence coach trim the resignation of CEO Cecci Ghauri Mancini announced that he wanted the White team, but the biggest problem is that Mancini did not act as master league team coaching qualifications. Italian Football Federation announced that they will consider whether to give him this right.

March 7, 2001: Football Association technical committee Chairman Petruzzi rejected the proposal, he announced to allow the post of coach Roberto Mancini as Florence.

June 13: In the two rounds of the Italian Cup final, Mancini led his unit to a 2 to 1 win over Parma.

August 19: Due to financial crisis, the new season began in Florence Shuaimai a large number of high-level players, the team in the Super Bowl is also held in Rome from 0 to 3. January 11, 2002: the military's morale and lax league club came in the penultimate position, Mancini announced his resignation.

May 9: Lazio to abandon Zaccheroni invited to become the new coach Roberto Mancini.

June 2003: although it suffered a financial crisis, but Lazio Mancini command team achieved fourth league success, but also won the Champions League qualifying.

May 2004: teaching career, led his unit to the second time the Italian Cup, two round tournament victory over Juventus in the 4 to 2.

July 7: Mancini to replace Zaccheroni in the June class is the location of a new term Inter Milan coach.

Which helped Inter Milan to obtain two-time Italian Cup and Super Cup.

April 22, 2007: Roberto Mancini Inter Milan beat Siena rate team, ahead of five Italian league titles won.

May 18, 2008: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Parma in Serie A last round of games in the brace, so that Roberto Mancini's Inter Milan in the league three consecutive years under the rule of access.

May 29, 2008: Inter Milan Mancini official announcement after class, from Mourinho to replace him a coach.

November 17, 2008: To get the 2007-2008 season, the Italian coach of the Year "Golden Seat Award"

11. Del Piero Juventus return

2008 Champions League. Real Madrid's home in the Bernabeu, Alessandro Del Piero scored two goals to help Juventus alone break into the 46-year curse numerous. And even won with the most discerning eye of the Real Madrid fans of applause! With outstanding performance in 2008, Alessandro Del Piero has won the 12th Academy Award for best local football players and the fans loved the most awards.

12. Totti

as an offensive midfielder in his club's performance is far better than the performance of the national team, accustomed to standing behind the two strikers, by passing to create opportunities for them at the same time as the shadow center, With excellent Paowei his ability to wait for an opportunity to follow up score goals. Totti is the world's rare in football, with both strength and technique Qianyao players, field command and dispatch capabilities and the strong impact force so that all opponents are formidable.

13. Nedved

he is a born player for running, dribbling fast-attack and shot in front of his unique skills, and he also has the best technology. Another major fight is a magic weapon for Nedved, who is today acknowledged the tough football, never admit defeat, will always Pao Busi's momentum, when the Czechs turned time and again by the other shovel and hit the ground once again plays tough Paqi continue to fight.

14. Zanetti

August 1995, big spenders Inter Milan owner Massimo Moratti stroke of a pen, Zanetti to 3.15 million U.S. dollars to become Inter Milan Moratti took over after the purchase of the first star; after he had Talleres Cordoba in Argentina team and Banfield the team. Inter Milan Moratti took over the years, people crowded in the coming and going, only the first, as always, watch Myer search Zanetti, Zanetti orders armed forces help one another, fought out of the reef rapids rapids. His courage and spirit make him a leader and standard-bearer of Inter Milan.

15. Ronaldo

three-time World Player of the Year, two-time European Golden Ball winner, Golden Globe World Cup Golden Boot winner, two-time World Cup champion, next runner-up, World Cup Golden Globes, top scorer in World Cup history, the only effect of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan, the four giants of the players, the lifetime of countless brilliant goals, people simply call him as "alien," an era of world number one.

16. Zinedine Zidane

for Zidane's football career, just with the legendary words, indescribable. Extraordinary skills on the court, superior court under the character. Zidane smashing in its 18-year pro career, for the contemporary fans established a really good player standards.

17. Cannavaro

Fabio - Fabio Cannavaro September 13, 1973 was born in Naples City,弗里格罗塔area, his father, Pascual is an avid fan of Naples. Naples took note of him, but age was not enough, Cannavaro only in the street playing baseball with the neighborhood. When 10-year-old Cannavaro smoothly enter the Naples club, in 1986 entered the Naples youth team, while Diego Maradona, and then the backbone of the team after the field of juvenile Cannavaro Ferrara is precisely the idol of the hearts of the most .

18. Weah

in 4 years, AC Milan, Weah has played 112 games, scored 45 goals. He experienced smooth sailing with the Milan team's glory years, has experienced two consecutive the dark period of the season, during which he was AC Milan and Milan, the city forged a very deep feelings. most of the African players want to have a strong performance, but Weah different. He cares about the team can win.

19. Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon was only 16 years old at the time of appearance on behalf of Parma for the first time, in that match with AC Milan, security gate, he forces lose, it won critical acclaim. This is one tall young goalkeeper in the 1996/97 season, then started his Parma goalkeeper, in Parma effect during the period Buffon helped Parma team won the 1999 UEFA Cup, Italian Cup title.

20. Inzaghi

Inzaghi is the latest attack on two decades of Italy's most efficient striker, he has not the former star Roberto Baggio's technology, but also a good friend Christian Vieri is not as strong as the body, nor Ronaldinho more than the speed of lightning, or Henry, he just rely on the opportunity in front of capacity and the diligence and love for football came the ranks of world-class striker. Inzaghi has represented Italy participated in 1998 2002 and 2006 World Cup three times, the Italian team won the 2006 World Cup members. FIFA rating Inzaghi: "For any game he has a mad passion, but can maintain the simplicity of the style of football."
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1 Nedved,


3 Viali Maldini Maradona, Batistuta




7 Netherlands Signori Three Musketeers


9 German troika Inzaghi Vieri



11 Alessandro Del Piero Totti

13 Pavel Nedved Zanetti



16 Zidane, Ronaldo, Fabio Cannavaro

18 Weah



20 Kaka Buffon.



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