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The recent anti-gambling anti-football, I am very concerned also wanted to know some of the media ha

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America Blue degrees2010-03-06 19:27:00 +0000 #2
To learn more and more detailed insider information, it is best to find Licheng Peng ah, out of his new book "China Football Insider" is one of Mengliao frequent. According to the latest news, owner of Ming-year acquisition of Dalian Shide Chuanzu (Sichuan Dahe Team), and the formation of Dalian Saidelong soccer team in the league vigorously Shide Department, in the middle course of a match-fixing and frequent, it may be recently been reviewed. Kunitari coach Gao Hongbo competitive selection, when only one point written, but the final winner. Shen, Xi Liu, Zhejiang Greentown lumbar player fixing of matches in conjunction with another, this player is said to have went to Burma, may be Hu Minghua. Haan greeted by Nan Yong to Tianjin Teda Teda well as on the coach, allegedly promised Nan Yong Tianjin Teda league success in 2010, so it can ignore everything Tianjin Teda Rebels Cao against the four gentlemen, without compromise, to strike hard, Tan kick kick until now still can not rejoin. Beijing Guoan to win league title last season, allegedly bought FIFA for the 500,000 promised. ... ...

These are not substantial evidence, but the Ministry of Public Security appears to be gathering material.

The end result, which we will wait and see.



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