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Where the Spanish commentator Wei

oanqad2010-03-06 21:10:58 +0000 #1
RT now explain how come the Spanish refuse it? ? ?
interphalangeal faint smoke2010-03-06 21:20:27 +0000 #2
explanation now looks like a business trip and was very silent, or miss Wei SB goes on a square face and magnetic sound
America Blue-degree2010-03-06 21:47:43 +0000 #3
to tell the truth, I still prefer Huang Jianxiang explanation.

Do not have the Huang Jianxiang, CCTV I prefer Duan Xuan, explain relatively simple at the same time without losing talent to judge the situation on the ground have a certain view. Rare.

HE Wei explain the fairly Minato live, but not so satisfactory.

Least favorite is Chien-Hung Liu, and explain the process, the wording is very disgusting, always a seemingly led features, explain the situation in the game scenes of the pre-sentence less, but ignored certain players so that things like that off-site Bel interested. What the toy 呀 1
Love Gull Leo2010-03-06 22:32:28 +0000 #4
is estimated in relation to ourselves to give back to the Spanish, or a good explanation that he and Xu Yang! Others will not work!
VIP 尐 Po2010-03-06 21:30:13 +0000 #5
There seems to leave it



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