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Five Star Sports broadcast of Premier League

bwallace2010-01-22 14:01:23 +0000 #1
saw yesterday in the five-star sporting a long-awaited Premier League live. Very excited. Why is propaganda for a long time before the game, Guangdong Satellite TV is only broadcast one game. The signs before the game that has no five-star sports broadcast of the five games. I feel very unique. Is it purchased the five-star sporting a full year of live Premier League do? The sources hoped that give a satisfactory reply
rkohhh2010-01-22 14:13:37 +0000 #2
Although this weekend's Premier League matches are only pilot, the Shanghai Five-Star Sports Channel Director Li said, and the days of negotiations Sheng near the end, the Premiership is about to officially return to Shanghai the screen .

Li said, and the days of negotiations Sheng has been going on for some time, Shanghai will be the English Premier League fans return to open channels of the first batch of beneficiaries. This weekend, sports fans will have access to the five-star Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal four giants of the game live, in addition, the first round of league upstart Manchester City will also be broadcast live.

Although known as the "pilot" was, Li confirmed that this is a real live, there is no past, Guangdong, Taiwan lags behind a few minutes of technical processing. "We have no publicity, is taken into account, and days of negotiations did not completely close-Sheng. But you can guarantee to local fans, followed by a live, five-star sports team has the right to choose, fans and reunited several wealthy desire, will certainly be able honored. "

Two years later return to the Premiership, Li believes that this is the inevitable result of the market game. Prior to the Premiership goodbye to five-star sports, because the charging mode Tiansheng adhere to the promotion and copyright of their Premiership position is completely contrary to the market price of the law. After two seasons of hard support Tiansheng unsustainable, so the two sides have to re-sit to the negotiating table one day.

"The Chinese pay TV market is far from mature. Hardware, software, do not qualify." Li explained, "the domestic digital television network has not yet truly universal, pay-TV to promote bottlenecks, and now cover a high or cable TV network, national users Guoyi, mainstream audience yet and digital TV convergence markets. As for the software, Chinese audiences have not cultivated the habit of charging television viewing, which consumer attitudes are not one or two years you can change direction, and Moreover, the existing television market, China has long been accustomed to the audience to enjoy free programming resources. "

In this context, Tin Shing only by sale of rights to make up economic losses, and to win back the Premiership coverage. The other side, the five-star sports, taking into account the price is right, so let the Premier League has made a decision to return to Shanghai screen



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