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Friends, where are you2010-01-22 14:02:07 +0000 #1
Chu Kiu is a women's soccer player, she is what football team? She is part of what type of goalie? Features How do I? She has a blog? Her blog is at which site? What is the name of the blog? Her QQ number?
small building to listen to Snow2010-01-22 14:04:55 +0000 #2
Chinese Women's Soccer Goalkeeper --- Chu Kiu Nickname: Overseas Chinese fat [2]

Name: Chu Kiu [1]

Age: 20 years old

Gender: Female

Age: Synchronized Love

Constellation: Leo

Zodiac: Ma

Blood type: AB type

Nation: Han

Place of birth: Beijing, Haidian District

Contact Us

Place of residence: Beijing

[Edit this paragraph] character of the Chinese Women's Soccer Goalkeeper --- love

Chu Kiu personality: humor, outgoing cute romantic optimism and simple

Interests: watching movies online singing dancing

Favorite Music: Pop Music Hip Hop

Favorite Movie: Crime

Favorite TV: Criminal Investigation

favorite games: table games

favorite Sports: Football

Favorite brand: a good all like

like a star: Faye Wong Cai Yan

[Edit this paragraph] About

Chinese women's soccer goalkeeper --- Chu Chu Qiao Qiao, women's soccer goalkeeper. Chu Kiu is Beijingers, the end of 2007 loan from Beijing to Hangzhou West women's soccer team team, is the main West women's soccer goalkeeper. From Beijing to Hangzhou, to the fairest of branded women's football after the main force.

Like a lot of girls the same age, so that overseas Chinese, and Chu's team-mate in peacetime training, I also have my own personal space - that is, on the Internet are normally not trained to see news, chat bar. We are a team to build their own QQ group, in addition to players that no one can join, is the coach add to the mix will also be the administrator kick out of. What is chat? In addition to publishing a number of notice, the Xia Liao Bai. Chu Kiu

[Edit this paragraph] Women's Soccer Women's Soccer Goalkeeper --- door

Chu overseas Chinese the latest list of Chinese women's football European zippers, Hangzhou West women's soccer goalkeeper Chu Kiu Bangshangyouming. 18-year-old Chu is a former overseas teams from Beijing to Hangzhou by the end of women's football, and now she is the team's number one keeper, but also the National Youth team goalkeeper. Has been coaching in Hangzhou, Shang Ruihua appreciate the Chu overseas Chinese National Games women's football qualifiers (in April), the old commercial on the expression for Chu Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Women's national team to try the idea..



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