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Why is the 03-04 season, then Arsenal team so strong is because when the boss money?

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Peng Bon2010-03-07 10:16:04 +0000 #2
when the boss anything but money! Do not forget that when the Arsenal stadium being built in the Arsenal four years to do this every year earnings, and the course was much larger than that. . .

Do not look at a small stadium capacity of the revenue! The cheapest tickets for the Premiership is generally more than 30 pounds, before the Arsenal stadium capacity of less than 4 million, is now 60000. The gap between the middle of the 2 million, multiplied by 30 pounds, and each had been overcharged by £ 600,000. . . Think about a Premier League season has just 19 home, no considered FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League. . . At least one season with 25 home, and then multiplied by 60 万. . . Each season, at home alone, revenues Arsenal Highbury times more than in the past 15 million pounds of. . . Although do not know the wage level, tax expenditures, etc., but from the income levels of view, Arsenal certainly higher than before.

Do not forget, we already have two major shareholders have been overweight stake in Arsenal, we can see Arsenal's strong fiscal and development potential of a much more attractive.

As for the Arsenal lineup so strong, in fact, with the players at the Golden age. Arsenal's central axis, but then Henry, Patrick Vieira, Campbell, and Lehman, four people are in a golden age. Other players, including Gilberto, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Ashley Cole, Lauren is the age of gold. Partial old was Bergkamp, but his status with the past when I was younger no difference after a 03-04 season, certain games now that he has the gall to run than his young guard, but also beat his score a! His status can be seen how well maintained!

The year's most important change is the Dole has been officially designated as Wenger Zhongwei, fast and strong he and Campbell tie is simply a pair of complementary perfect combination! Therefore, the stability of defense greatly improved. Remember correctly, then the Premiership, against, at least achievement is to win.

In fact, there is a factor overlooked, is not race! In fact, that year, there were two Arsenal schedule hell happened two are at the expense of the Champions League schedule, that schedule are the two teams began to emerge into the trough. . . Result, they are at the expense of the Champions League, Last Stand of the circumstances, playing the entire football team of the state, coupled with the individual players in certain screening outbreak (such as Henry in the second round of the race of the Liverpool hell for a person to enter three goals), as well as luck component (hell, the first round of Ruud van Nistelrooy missed a penalty schedule), more importantly, there is almost no injuries, and finally created a undefeated season.

Now Arsenal have also begun to enter the harvest period of the. However, there had been no less solid line of defense is the biggest difference now that the season, especially the goalkeeper, has not as Lehman temperament and despot of the year. . . But anyone can see, so as to Arsenal's performance this season, as long as can keep, sooner or later be able to win.
Heteroptera 872010-03-07 10:20:33 +0000 #3
lineup is good, from the backcourt Daoqian Chang, there is a world-class players
Hamming Desert Snow2010-03-07 11:27:09 +0000 #4
First of all, Wenger is Arsenal's coach and manager, the players are basically the sale of the operator, he said, His style is to buy a 17-20 year-olds to 25-year-old on the high-priced to sell, in order to earn the difference between them. Arsenal in the Premiership semi-finals was not really the money, Manchester United are the world year after year to make money in the first three, Liverpool at that time also, Chelsea flourishes do not have to say, Wenger said that was just ran into a bunch of good players, and are positive when the play of the year, Henry, Pires, Vieira, Ljungberg, Bergkamp, etc., this team put on today is very difficult to come up with Aceh. Strength is indeed very strong. No wins the Champions League because of the Champions League itself is an occasional factor in a great event, the two knockout rounds are too many variables. Analogy, Henry, Wenger was buying those players when they have only 50 minutes, after Wenger's training has reached 85 points, and such a strong lineup, of course. Wenger to buy players now have 50 points, but a few years later that they only grow to 70 points, how could win it. And that wave of players at that time regarded as Henry's team to stay longer periods of time, and put Arsene Wenger is now definitely will not be a player to stay until the age of 30 selling fast. Arsenal in the present only, also only a small law and Arshavin can reach the standard of 85 points at that time.



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