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Will the football frequently say "hat-trick how the matter", and "Derby", I was outside of football.

jbf8882010-03-07 13:10:39 +0000 #1
Are the Chinese Football Naoteng too:)
u_look_like_sb2010-03-07 13:20:38 +0000 #2
hat-trick is that a single-player games into the three goals or three goals or more

this argument 70 years from the 19th century is widely popular in the UK cricket比赛. Cricket and the United States similar to baseball, the pitcher threw require the faster the better, the other hit the ball farther, the better. Has its own cricket, where a cricket pitch into the concept of race fans are strict compliance with a rule: a gate into the stadium will have to hat, which means that all the players on the pitch, referees and spectators respect. Therefore, the hat on behalf of respected. In general, if a pitcher threw three consecutive strike while the other three players will be eliminated, is quite wonderful pieces of matter. If you encounter such a situation, referees will be granted to that pitcher a hat, as a symbol of supreme honor. In short, the "hat tricks" the intention is to board a row with three players scoring a hat obtained encouraging, the 19th century the word appears in print 70 years before the / view/1148.htm? fr = ala0_1

Derby - city rivals race

Derby in each of the term may arise from a Shrovetide (Shrove Tuesday) and the first day of Lent (Ash Wednesday) in the Midlands Derby Dyer (Derbyshire Dales) of Ashburn (Ashbourne) at the football game, began in the 12th century, competition is divided into two days from 2 pm to 10 pm, the town is divided into two teams, the team was running through the whole birth Moore River town of Han (Henmore Brook) North-South divide, a team called the "upstream teams" (Up'Ards) while the other team is "downstream Team" (Down'Ards), gantry three miles away, the game in the town carried out, is a famous local festival project.




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