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What are the history of world football brothers?

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world soccer top ten brothers and brothers

TOP10 Kovacs Gegenike is defensive midfielder, the younger brother Robert is the defender, as the brother of the football field file they should be very happy had been a long time together in the same team. Two brothers, have been in the German league expedition, in that they won the league runner-up Bayer Leverkusen, while Bayern Munich won the championship, as well as they are the Toyota Cup; in the national team which they were also the main capacity on behalf of the Croatian played in 2002 World Cup and 2004 European Cup. Today, Gegenike has been the transfer of Hamburg, but the main force is not absolute, but his brother Robert in the Bayern defender is still firmly secured in the main location of relentless exercise in time, the younger brother has undoubtedly accounted for the upper hand.

Brother Achievement Index: 7 brother Achievement Index: 7.5 Legends Index: 7

TOP 9 brothers

Fabio Cannavaro Fabio Cannavaro is the former standard-bearer of Parma, the Italian national team captain today. Smaller than he was 8-year-old Paolo Cannavaro Parma defense of today's main. They did not represent the same team playing, but they can still attract each time against a lot of eyeballs. No doubt, as a player, Fabio much more successful, he has won the annual 1992 European Championship in 21 years of age, 1994 annual European Under-21 Championship, 1999 UEFA Cup champions, 1999 Italian Cup, Italian League 1999 super Cup, and has become a national team captain; and Paul's experience will have to much more shallow, only a minor celebrity in Italy, unlike his brother in the world of the super-idol popularity, but he still have the opportunity to get more, because he are young.

Brother achievement index: 9 brother, brother achievement index: 6.5 Legends Index: 7.5

TOP 8 Inzaghi brothers

filed Inzaghi brothers, we will think of goal crazy with their handsome looks. Both of them had been a top scorer, are the effectiveness of wealthy teams have been selected for the Italian national team and was co-expedition for the country. Brother Philip has played for Juventus and AC Milan, is a football pitch "super PIPO", won the club as a player can get almost all the honor guard is a real fear that all of the restricted area of the killer; brother Simone academic low achievers, but also has won the Italian Cup, League title, and so honor the club's two brothers as different can work together to achieve these honors was not easy. More interesting is that the brothers compete not only in the intense field, it seems that some in the intelligence field have to compete. Two had the same as the famous Italian playboy, the same sex scandal everywhere, just do not know where they are in this field who can gain the upper hand?

Brother achievement index: 9 brother achievement index: 8 Legends Index: 8.5

TOP 7 De Boer brothers

Once on shore, after the European Cup in 2004, De Boer brothers, the 4th reunion together, and they arrived in Qatar . Previously, the two brothers had also joined the Dutch powerhouse Ajax class, Spanish giants Barcelona as well as the Scottish Premier League, one of the aircraft's Glasgow Rangers. Compared with some other brothers and file, they are football's success hard to Gao Xia. Two brothers Ajax's 1995 Champions League, made major contributions toward the 1998 World Cup. But, perhaps most regrettable is the second brother in 98 years, lost the World Cup penalty penalty, his brother again in 2000, lost the European Cup penalty penalty, resulting in the Netherlands are related to the final missed the final. This also makes the tragedy of two brothers of the rich experience of color and more legendary.

Brother Achievement Index: 8.5 brother Achievement Index: 8.5 Legends Index: 9.0

TOP6 Neville Brothers

both brothers of the most unusual is that his career has been played in the same team - Manchester United, in that they received as a available to all the club players the highest honor, the Premiership Champions, League Cup, FA Cup, Champions Cup, Toyota Cup. In the national team, they have been brilliant. Now, Gary is still the main force, Philip has also proved himself still useful, while the club has decided to renew them. This also indicates that they will be in the Manchester United team spent part of their career, all the day, this can not is not a legend. In Beckham left, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane is no longer a young man, Red Devils of the teenager who may also depend on which to cultivate the loyalty of the brothers.

Brother Achievement Index: 9.0 brother Achievement Index: 8.5 Legends Index: 9.5

TOP5 Farmer Brothers

Ronald Koeman and Elvin Coleman brothers, I suppose we remember that only a younger brother, Ronald -- His long-range, and his passion. However, he was older than the one-year-old Erwin is also quite a lot, they have jointly won the over 88 years as the main force of the European Cup, along with three swordsman once again lead the Netherlands to the world soccer pinnacle. In the club competitions, Ronald, together with the Barcelona club in history has experienced the most flourishing period, won the Spanish title and the Champions League; Irvine is relatively bleak that in the days of Eindhoven and his younger brother in Barcelona can not be compared with the day. However, the retired, the brothers are still not over the more, in the coach seats on their opportunity. Although this is Ronald walking in the front, but the chance of Irvine has come that he had formally taught vallvik led the club with his brother Ajax started a new round of confrontation.

Brother Achievement Index: 8.5 brother Achievement Index: 9.5 Legends Index: 9.0


Laudrup Laudrup brothers, brothers in their football career is all go their way. Laudrup has in Italy, Lazio, Juventus, Spain's Barcelona, Real Madrid, Ajax Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the effectiveness of such club. Brian Laudrup was first in Italy's Udinese team and the effectiveness of Germany's Bayern Munich and then to Italy's AC Milan to play, and then to Chelsea. They belong to the general beauty of the Danish fairy tale epic. In the club they are the core of the team, who led the team in Denmark, Danish is not a strong all over the world

TOP 3 Barresi brothers

the world's most famous Derby What is this? There is no doubt that Milan derby. The captain in his capacity San Siro stadium in exchange pennants in the field is what kind of honor do? Again an assumption - if the two men is also pro-brothers? Haha, all this no longer assumed that all the brothers who are Barresi achieved. Brother Giuseppe, at the international Milan; brother Franco, at AC Milan. They put the world's most famous derby into a Barresi family's "civil war", brother and two were conducted 19 times Derby. Brother Giuseppe to lead Inter Milan to record-breaking winning score of 88-89 last season's Serie A champions Inter Milan to defend the glory; while his younger brother Franco, better, Milan dynasty is a witness. "The world's best street sweeper", which is what people of his honorific title. 58-match unbeaten run, the rule of an era, I think, do not have to say more of.

Brother Achievement Index: 9.5 brother Achievement Index: 8.5 Legend refers to index: 10

TOP 2 Hernes brothers

the same as the Bayern Munich player, Gegewuli to work together with his brother Dieter did not battle for the Munich, The brothers have come to Munich, but the same is that they have been successful. Gegewuli as a core player won three league titles, one German Cup, 3 Cup, one Intercontinental Cup, one European Cup and one World Cup, a prominent military exploits. Relative to this, be inferior to some of his younger brother Dieter, but he is still with his efforts to fight for their own honor enough to become one of the best strikers in that era, in order to Bayern Munich to win more glory. However, as the brother of the kingdom football file their great not stop here, as the club manager Uli single-handedly created the prominent Bayern dynasty, and Dieter as lead manager of Hertha Berlin also become more powerful, two brothers and their respective dominate the Bundesliga side, a deep impact on German football. Now, in the course with the golf course can all see that they are two brothers, fierce competition.

Brother Achievement Index: 10 brother Achievement Index: 9.0 Legends Index: 9.5

TOP 1 Charlton brothers, Bobby

• Charlton is England's greatest soccer players in history. He led the team in the history of Manchester United reached the first peak. Munich air crash, he was one of only three individuals. It is precisely this disaster to become one of his great frustration, in the dead inspired his teammates, he worked hard and ushered in his great career. Five league titles, one Champions League title, as well as World Cup champion, and won the European Footballer of 66 years, he has his great achievements in comfort the souls of the teammates. However, do not forget, he had an equally good brother - Jack. They are brothers, together, in order to bring the originator of modern football World Cup dream. As a player, Jack slightly compared to Bobby Johnson, but as a coach, he was a success, the Irish team a major contributor to the rise in the world. One of them is a veteran of Manchester United, one great warrior Leeds, two people each for its own competing for these two was the best English clubs devoted his life. The two gentlemen in the Premiership one of the hallmarks of this well-known brands, but also two historical giants Manchester United and Leeds symbol. Charlton have completed the brothers believe that this masterpiece is no easy task no longer be exceeded.

Brother Achievement Index: 10 brother Achievement Index: 9.5 Legends Index: 10
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England Neville, Michael Laudrup of Denmark, the Netherlands, Bohr, Italy, Inzaghi, but also with China's Sun Ji Sun Xiang



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