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2006 Nian 10 9, three times Masters snooker champion Paul - Hunter died of cancer, only 27 years old.

Hunter in March 2005 was diagnosed with endocrine gland tumors, which is a rare type of cancer, usually appears in the digestive system. Though the passage of a period of chemotherapy, Hunter returned to the arena, but just last season, Hunter made a game victory from the No. 3 world ranking slipped to No. 34.

Hunter is a rare genius of youth, at 16 years old then made his first title. In 1998 he received the Welsh Open champion, when he was 19 years old. In 2002, Hunter was re-Wales Open champion, in the same year he was also the British Open champion in the bag.

But the real him is his reputation in three snooker Masters title of 2001 Masters final, Hunter 3-7 behind in the unfavorable situation, the final super-reversed in order to complete the 10-9 victory over Austria Brian won the championship. In 2002, Hunter also in the unfavorable situation of 0-5, the catch up with 10-9 victory over Williams again Masters snooker champion in the bag. The 2004 Masters final, Hunter 2-7 also in the unfavorable situation, the final to Ronnie O'Sullivan completed a 10-9 reverse Masters hat-trick.

2003 Hunter had infinitely close to World Snooker Championship final, but the semi-finals in an excellent situation in the 15-9 lead, the Irish Hunter, Doherty has been reversed, the end, while the 16-17 and the final brush too.

Main record:

World Championship 16 (2001)

Benson & Hedges Masters champion (2001,2002)

Welsh Open champion (1998,2002)

Welsh Open runner-up (2001)

Great Britain Championship semi-finals ( 1998)

British Open semi-finals (2000)

Welsh Open semi-finals (1996)

Grand Open semi-finals (2001)
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United Kingdom Snooker Championship
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Snooker Championship



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