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Cctv5 how to send text messages??

Hu Yu Shuai2010-03-07 18:10:20 +0000 #1
Just watching the Leverkusen Mainz game. . T see the above message that is sent to 106,699,998 editor, because I personally football fan, but like the interaction. . . My question is "yes as long as the editor sent to 106,699,998, or edit t plus t say I sent to 106,699,998." Well know the friends? ? ? Thank you
u_look_like_sb2010-03-07 18:25:58 +0000 #2
Hello! I'd give cctv send text messages, but never in the award-winning ...... just sending host is not received the

process is like this, edit the T sent to 106,699,998, and then you will receive an automatic reply message, is the number is 10658166010028415867

sent in;

reads as follows:

You are on-demand integration provided by the rejuvenating trip to a dream business, information costs 1.00 RMB / section, reply to confirm any of the content on demand, no reply is not on-demand.

Reply after any content, even if sent successfully! No reply, no charge; and then, if you reply, and will receive a message which reads as follows:

Thank involved! Asked: "Wolfsburg" refers to the Bundesliga teams to beat? TA VfL Wolfsburg, TB Vryburg. Back to answer the letters, participation given more chances to win. TW back to add a message with facilitators! 1 Yuan / Article

The problem is not the same each time. If you want to host interaction, we reply TW + message
scarlett weeks2010-03-07 18:42:32 +0000 #3
edit plus t say sent to 106,699,998
must be the courage to give up2010-03-07 18:22:40 +0000 #4
Send to 106,699,998, programming tips beneath the ah



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