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☆ Pure Water2010-03-07 20:10:04 +0000 #1
I am a second-tier provincial cities in the south, would like to open a franchise soccer shoes and soccer gear on the shop (not the kind of franchisee), I would like to hear have any good suggestions. For example, supply, shop location, pre-investment and publicity means.谢谢.
binary Terminator2010-03-07 20:19:04 +0000 #2
I would suggest that the low-end from the beginning to the time when a lot of authentic online football shoes, but at least 500 over the top as a second-tier capital city of how many people will spend money to buy a pair of shoes to 500 This is a play worth considering something so it should start from the following small brands to find some cheap goods there are many more football get the peripheral equipment such as the leg trousers ankle like some of the dozens of cheap money lz think how developed their own money does not matter if that is a genuine leg pants income 200 300 to see if someone has bought a fake 30 a person would probably play into your store to buy the leg trousers but once you leave the shop selling the give someone else a non-regular or sale of counterfeits is a shop of the but if you buy a really proud of the market price on the face can be expected in return I think this is lz must face the problem of football in China has been slow Movement from the civilian population of slow-phase movement of the petty bourgeoisie of the number of sites because there is no existing space so crowded and expensive personnel soon as complete sets of equipment at every turn, but the development of thousands seek the best price is not demand, or they ask for is affordable two days a completely different path lz If this election bad for their business impact is very large sites for the best shops is a relatively large stadium near the best means of transport to facilitate the publicity can first introduced slowly through acquaintances, after all, Soccer this thing an individual at least 11 shops in one person think you are good that the next 10 will likely feel better and then more and more development will be too great a cost to advertise. . . If the first shop is not necessary, but having said that if lz have billions of money does not matter, after all, is what all of this in the first line of hope that some humble opinion some of the lz help road heading towards the rest have it say
qq0406242010-03-07 20:30:34 +0000 #3
1. Good service Quality: staff must have a uniform dress, and must be standardized service training, while the staff or the right shoes, the most important knowledge, especially the manufacturing process and materials, the more professional, service quality, the more likely to attract repeat customers.

2 . pricing levels for different customers different: If your brand shoe store is the customer for high-level, then your price should not be too low (of course, but also with the quality of your goods can not be imagined), otherwise they will destroy your own brand the price of the image, if it is normal with customers, then the price should not be excessive and must be consistent with the public aesthetics.

3. membership mode of operation: that is for the old clients to develop the corresponding VIP enjoyment, you can create beautiful membership card and promptly notify the old and new customers, while also providing for a more loyal customers gift.

4. guaranteed shoe store to maintain a certain grade level: the quality of goods is very important, the brand's greatest strength lies in a sense of trust to customers, so it is kind of models and quality must be quality and quantity, so that each customer in your store, as well as being able to feel the professional attention courtesy shops.

since you have no experience and the clue, I suggest you first, I'd go to a variety of shops, a look at the decoration style, two ways to see the goods on display, three customers shopping questions and answers, four shop owners and employees to see the cooperation, division of labor. To see more you'll find the answer to the first and second question, which two questions you can ask about a commercial renovation exhibit a friend, if not can go to related websites and forums to look for to find cases.

In addition you can also chat with other house staff, cotton, in your system to get their rest at the same time you need to know what employees care about what is afraid of what the future management of these is that you need to pay attention to.

Give you a suggestion, Taobao and eBay have a lot of foreign shoe store, you pick a high credit rating go take a look at the kind of shop to see if their goods which will sell better, is what is priced to sell, Now how the fashion trends, because you do is to trade shoes, so positioned relative to a number of avant-garde fashion. But that the entity shop operator stable and smooth, it is recommended you can also consider online shop, low cost, there are likely to have unexpected gains, as long as willing heart.

Do this kind of store, we must ensure that an adequate supply of fresh, often on the new, Do not sell outdated goods. See more popular elements of fashion magazines to see now, multi-department stores to see where the shoe counter. In getting goods to be considered well before the overall style of your shop, the availability of features, so that is better.

I wish you success!

Purchase must be strict control, despite being fine imitation, there are also quality problems, pay attention to the source channel or a fake version of original manufacturer, price and poor quality of many of

receivable is flexible, develop price must be fixed price, can not be arbitrary price cuts discount shoe prices in itself is not very high, lower and lower will only make the consumers do not believe in psychology, but also to prevent the collection while the individual hide.

Another: cargo must themselves go, you can approach through various channels to find the original the manufacturer, not the words themselves, long users will not risk the production scale-free outside the single shoes.

a serious note: because it is outside the single-or a fine imitation, in the business and inspection departments must have a system of protective measures, so as not do not intend to uncertain behavior, before they can begin to prepare.

the rest can only rely on your own efforts, and to do good, two or three months to recover costs and the need to open stores are concentrated in the school a good location Although land prices, you can make a profit by selling large quantities, I wish you every success bar

1, first understand your own clothing or shoe store's customer base is Who? Their consumption levels, consumption habits, how the like?

2, but also know that you intend to store your position made the market what level? High? In? Low?

3, shop of choice?

4, to promote how to proceed?

5, and finally purchase channels. Light into the cheap goods, if the first few options properly, and then also sell cheaper. Shop is not to sacrifice profits to do, a good shop is to earn a reasonable profit, but also blocks of tile for the market.
God love you2010-03-07 20:50:19 +0000 #4



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