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What is the world's famous KOP

Monks smashing tanks2010-03-08 00:11:06 +0000 #1
Ding Junhui for example, Schumacher, as well as Westlife, there are three KOP

only know these three, we all know, please add Kazakhstan, the more complete the better!
whatseacho2010-03-08 00:22:28 +0000 #2
1 2003 Miss World: 罗萨娜戴维森

Davidson's beauty may not be from the singer in her father Chris Goldberg, but Liverpool's There is absolutely loving his father's genes. Berger said that Davidson not only has a beautiful face, as she and his or Liverpool fan!

2 Pope John Paul II

The Vatican's master of the love for Liverpool is probably because of Jerzy Dudek, the same as from the Eastern Europe and Poland, and his compatriots. It is reported that the Pope's considerable interest in Jerzy Dudek in the Liverpool performance.


former South African President Nelson Mandela in 1994, Liverpool, on the occasion to visit South Africa has been at the time was a cordial meeting with President Nelson Mandela was sent to Madrid, Liverpool captain Barnes, a Liverpool shirt.

4 England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson Sven-Goran Eriksson have been rumors this summer, intends to lure Steven Gerrard to Chelsea, but people are quite surprised: Sven-Goran Eriksson before arriving in England, is the Liverpool fans. He and his assistant grip since childhood and the Red Army supporters.

5 Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie

no in the "Tombs" adventure when Julie is a front of the television cheering for Liverpool fans. Her son was born in Liverpool Madekesi training base in a few minutes ride to the Eerdehai hospital. Beauty also said that her son will grow up to Liverpool.

6 black actor Samuel L-Jackson

The virtue of "Pulp Fiction" has become famous black actor in a film "Article 51 states" period saw the famous Merseyside derby . The outspoken star also because Manchester United and been cursed Liverpool fans cheer.

7 door after the Kos article Jia Lache

as a golf champion Beinaerde beautiful daughter, Jia Lache skinned more than once to express their love of Liverpool.

8 Manchester United Houweiliao Ferdinand Liverpool childhood since he is the fans, when Barnes stadium gallop England is his biggest idol.
liao11182010-03-08 00:30:39 +0000 #3



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