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With regard to step on a bicycle

oumen79389922010-03-08 00:11:38 +0000 #1
bicycle I stepped practiced two years, and finally a little quiet, then left foot cross around no problem, the general can do 5.6 (high speed, when up to 4). Cross-around exhausted just get bad break is often done to a sudden movement is not in the past. Covering a total Mody practice?
139,9112010-03-08 00:14:37 +0000 #2
Hello. I wonder if you have not paid attention to the Premiership and La Liga or the online video arena, those who step on the location and time cycling moments happen?

I have worked in school teams are also fascinated by bicycle, followed by a coach to guide their summary of some details. Two major points.

First first place: to make people step on half of the wing cycle. Because of back and side back in front after a defensive midfielder, so either through a tough physical winger with great ability to break through in the end-line transmission in sub-ball (for example, Cruyff). Or is the ball to the edge of the area is blurred by very few chaotic at the foot of action (mostly cases of Marseilles and cycling) and then break through opponents with a two-step selection center of the box or a short pass teammate a better position (for example, Robben). The remaining half of them can ride a bicycle here in the case of center (for example, Ronaldo) and the attacking midfielder (for example, Kaka). In addition to at least 咱 have not yet seen any defender, keeper to cycling.

Here's what I am talking about the second point, the surrounding circumstances: So the cycle will always be encountered more than 2 or 2 anti-you, do, an air-defense when a sudden acceleration and deceleration through the mill as far as possible obtain other opponents vulnerability (for example, Barcelona, Huo Sub-Heim [La Liga and the Bundesliga two grinding each other's best striker and patient) can not single-handedly give you a good opportunity to do the way you do a bicycle race in the past. Therefore, the situation was set Yao Gen.

The final step is more than watching more than playing. After all, football is a high-income shipping.

I wish you as soon as possible into Messi.
Bu Special Kara Geno2010-03-08 00:24:38 +0000 #3
You are left or right foot the ball? After he stepped foot in your good ball out the ball times, or the sights the other defense personnel file, Chuandang also OK, but we must keep up with the speed, it still need more practice only used in
li2526406932010-03-08 01:24:38 +0000 #4
to do in cycling After a later (either a two or three). Opponents feel they hesitate, or move the focus of the time, put the ball moves around the next one to do half (that is, a fake), the general is behind the ball of the ramp at that location, this is not to bypass the ball, but the homeopathic wave (this call may be horizontal or it can be that the direction of the foot ball 45 °, depending on defense, and a breakthrough depends on the location) can be basically off the other side out, then he is to accelerate the throw off. Football extraordinary nothing more than fake + speed. The ball moves around in front of you are doing in order to cover the last wave, and on the other side that you will be around the ball when a sudden wave of, they can lead him away. To understand the many attempts, cycling can see the video Robinho, his bicycle and a fake kick move is still very clear -



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