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Let us introduce a Chinese player.

kaede2162010-01-22 18:01:21 +0000 #1
80's players, it seems that called Hua-Jun Li, he's not then be regarded as Chinese football talent?
shpd7132010-01-22 18:08:28 +0000 #2
First correct what is Li Huajun, he is a Chinese football history, the most legendary players, 1983 FIFA World Youth Championship, he worked with van Basten, Bebeto, Romario, Prota Soff, Mikhailichenko was named World Player of the Hope Star, together, which is so far the only Asian player honor, unfortunately, Basten, Romario and others have become an international star, Li Hua are the helpless become meteors, when the whole nation system is not give him the chance to play abroad, while the low levels of domestic competition is also limited his power to further improve, he and Van Basten, Romario and other players a world of to another fate, but also shows China the way football in personnel training gap, unfortunately, today the gap has not narrowed the contrary, the trend of expansion, the former football team coach at Toulon on the once Douilly expressed a similar Worries.

Li Huajun relevant information with Li Huajun, born in 1963. Dalian people. Height of 1.73 meters. He started playing in 1979, entered an amateur sports school in Dalian, Liaoning Province in 1980, entered an amateur sports school in the same year selected middle school football, high school students to participate in the Asian Football Championship. Liaoning Province in 1981, selected youth team, selected the same year, China's youth team went to Argentina for training for three months. In 1982 to participate in Asian Youth Soccer Championship, 1983 World Youth Soccer Championship, was named best player after the match. Selected the same year, and China's Liaoning football team, to participate in the twenty-third session of the Olympic qualifiers in 1984 to participate in the Eighth Asian Football Championship, won second place for the Chinese team to contribute. In 1985 to participate in the thirteenth session of the World Cup qualifiers and the World University Games football. In 1983, 1984, the two participated in the Great Wall of China Cup International Football Tournament. Physical comprehensive, jumping, agility, speed and speed endurance outstanding, good at cutting air break and playing fast counter-attack. Dongbei University of Finance in 1988 into the study.

Li Huajun name for domestic fans, said to be both familiar and unfamiliar. When we search the Internet in China's soccer history on this legendary name, we see a lot of his name cited as "negative" typical articles, and presentations about his experiences have only 83, he and van Basten Romario and other side by side, "the world's six stars of hope" and talk a few words, as well as a genius Evidently, the lament.

At the same time, Qi Wusheng and Li Huajun are Dalian people. From 1983 to 1987, Li Huajun at the national youth teams and national team during the period, both ideologically and technically still in a man, the Qi coach gave him a lot of help.

Understand source is the division. Qi Li Huajun talent coach has been very much appreciated, do feel that he is a good football material, out of football pity. Therefore, he returns every year to Dalian to see Li Huajun, given concern and encouragement. Before 1997, Li Huajun finally resulted in the idea of a comeback dry football coach. In 1998, he was football coach B-level certification. In July 1999 and went on to Qinhuangdao to participate in the AFC coaches at the training course and passed the rigorous exams to obtain coaching qualifications of professional teams, "Employee's Card." In August 2000 went to Beijing Gao Qi coaches recommend Germany's leading to Li Huajun went to study English and learn modern football. After returning home, Li Huajun follow the mentor Qi Wusheng worked in Yunnan and Tianjin Teda Hongta as an assistant coach. This year, Li Huajun also participated in the U17 Country team coach less competitive selection work in competitive selection after the failure of the current Li Huajun, Hangzhou West Lake as the work of women's football coach came to Hangzhou, before Li Huajun in Changchun Huaxin Women's Soccer coach for one year, female A-League group stage has achieved seven wins five negative results, only 1 minutes away from qualifying, men's football from the old horse, and now women's soccer coach did not know whether the completion of a successful turnaround Li Huajun
Starry Light2010-01-22 18:14:15 +0000 #3
hours of the , and large may not be typical of good,

young fame is not a good thing



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