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Football in the so-called "play ball" is how going on? How can play a good shot (that is, a long bac

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foot kick the ball from their own, to teammates or the siege out of bounds, are regarded as pilling.

Lou Zhu from the so-called strike is probably the strong long-range attacks on players, defender or goalkeeper Waner Ming's siege of the strong kick, this is often the ball is power, speed, distance, highly desirable. Strength of large, fast, you need to play the ball player's foot in the ball an instant large enough to force the rich can be, but to distance, and this, and the ball is in the height of the operation, while running the height and foot part of the Department of ball.

At the foot ball the moment, try to ball in the middle and lower parts. Kick the ball to the right distance and height of both, or else become Kunitari the front of the customary anti-aircraft guns shot, went straight to heaven, but how also to not close the door.
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1. kicking action should be in place prior to kick as far as possible the backswing.

2. To play the site to be correct, after playing below 45 degrees.

3. To play when the body center of gravity to the right

4. The ball has been kicked out, the former with the action should be in place

basically is that these essentials, football textbooks are, you can buy this take a look at

There are kinds of the ball is played in situ from the ball, is to use the skills feet engage the ball up in situ.



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