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Huang Juan David Women2010-01-22 19:02:01 +0000 #1
Zheng Zhi's kind of how the transfer now? League to be started soon, ah
shpd7132010-01-22 19:10:43 +0000 #2
now seems likely that the British crown Preston Team

with NEW YORK, today, 4 points, about half related to the latest reports

the new Premier League season will be opening this weekend, while the English League Championship last weekend, has been fired, and the Chinese player Zheng Zhi has not yet found a new club, people can not help feeling his new season prospects for doubt. Beijing last night (August 12), according to British "Transfer rumors net" sources said Zheng is currently being contacted and the British crown Preston team is expected to join the British crown Zhezhi crack.

Zheng contract with Charlton after the expiration of the club have been looking for a new owner, but two months later, his future in what is still a mystery. While his former club Charlton as well as earlier, another League One club Southampton have expressed great interest for Zheng Zhi, but bent on kicking the Premiership's Zheng declined the invitation of the two clubs, said it would go to the Premiership play hard to the last minute.

Zheng's transfer puzzle has been going on throughout the summer, during this period, with Zheng Zhi rumored club a few, including the English Premier League Portsmouth, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Birmingham, the British crown Newcastle United, Southampton, Sheffield United and League One, but so far everything is staying at the rumor stage.

New and Zheng Zhi have anything to do under the British crown crack Preston, according to British "Transfer rumors network", said Zheng Zhi will be free agent to join this club. Previously the site had been prepared to be exposed by Emmanuel Adebayor transfer Manchester, Liverpool and other big news Aquilani I do not know whether the rumors about Zheng Zhi same accuracy.

In fact, this is not the first time deliberately introduced Zheng Preston, and in March of this year, when the "Sky Sports" on reports that coach Allan Preston. Erwin considerable interest for Zheng Zhi try this Chinese national team captain brought his team. Therefore, the face of the body is free of Zheng, Alan. Erwin again echocardiography is not impossible.

English League Championship Preston Club is a powerhouse, the team's history course ought highest profile player David Beckham, Becks in the absence of fame before, once in 1995 and was briefly on loan at Manchester United Preston North End exercise, on behalf of the team played five times, scored two goals assists 4 times.

English League Championship last season, Preston finally won its first six, in the first round of upgrades playoff loss to the effectiveness of the then Sun Jihai Sheffield United, unfortunately, out. English League Championship this season, first-round match, Preston 2-2 home draw by Bristol City, temporarily in the standings with six.
Little People yiyi2010-01-22 19:07:58 +0000 #3
Let's anxious than he expected.



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