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I would like to how to get to play ah

gzstlem2010-03-08 14:10:52 +0000 #1
My height 171, weight 53KG, 50M 7 Miao. Defense in general, balance in general. I shot the strength is not too great, to how to train ah, there I am in class are playing fullback, but I think I was too thin, but we all know, I also want to participate in attack, scored a breakthrough in this regard should be how the training ah. I would like to spend a month to improve under their own to ensure that the main location. How can I train ah, begs you heroes! ! ! ! ! !
Cicatriz2010-03-08 14:14:04 +0000 #2
Side guard is easy to play hard to fine position. You want to play well to grasp the following points: 1, acceleration must be very good; 2, Do not pin-out, learn to "pedestrian", many people like to see some wings with the ball on the up steals, does not matter if the opponent is also a low level, high - Level 9, then you will become the opportunity to show oneself, and the proper way to greet the first on the "OK" with him, see his ball may reveal significant flaws in the oppression and challenge for the ball, if the ball is very stable, you will continue to "line of" He - no legs, do not close, do not eat fake moves, slow down the speed of his advance - This is the most important! Wait until the other members of the basic deployment recovery and the other after this round of attacks on basic set aside the wings, and then the other side can do nothing more than hard Xiadizhuanzhong or endo, for the former, unless the other party has a strong high-center, or your defensive player is really cooking, or basically not pose a threat. For the latter, you will conform to retreat to defend Rd. 3, the dominant leg problems, this is a problem, in fact, for the edge guard, the dominant leg decide which side of the ability to play - unless you have a high football IQ, or a pair of left feet can-take-all. Otherwise, I suggest that your dominant leg which is only on which side kick. 4, physical fitness: It is important, but can be rescued with the mind - if not strong, even more do not take the initiative to challenge for the ball, or the same: "line with his" we're OK, as a last resort of the moment, you may consider the next spade Of course, this is a luxurious, but here is difficult to say clearly. 5, defensive stations, no way that this demand was watching you more, more, think more accumulated experience and a high football IQ was Xuede Hao, you the ball hard from the Friends of the real learning, because amateur accomplishments in this area are very low (you think they are my ah?), even professional players is difficult to practice. It can be said that this is football, one of the highest of deep knowledge, there is also more difficult to root you say. In our universities, play a high level, there are charismatic players play 7 games in general are among the Guardian, which is often incompetence of the players I put him in front of the door will go to avoid messing up the defense. 6, Bi Qiang: While the "pedestrian" than Biqiang elegant, but as a side-Wei Bi Qiang basics ah yes. Physically strong case for the Bi Qiang certainly have a great advantage, if you are a strong common sense, the success rate of the Bi Qiang often higher. If not, do not be afraid, there are some remedies: 1, more petty harassment of the other two, steals not a foul against him, simply, without any interruption of the other's attack, in particular, inter-class competition of these gadgets, and very rarely to the card, as long as you Fouls are not too difficult to see, the attitude of friendly, drag jersey stumbling in general do not eat such a license. 3, if you do not encounter cattle B unlucky game players break the wings, in addition to "Pedestrian", worship, but also early and give him a Xiama Wei - bitter knocked him once (receive yellow cards is worth the price) If you have your feet accurately, and imposing all directions and simply, without any tackles his ball (note the "shovel") once or twice, I guarantee, after which he no longer rampant in.

I suggest that if your location can not be changed, only play back edge, then do the first sub-defense to say, after all, defense players and the players before the games different, simply, the number of offensive players emphasizes the building of more emphasis on defensive players is the number of small errors, as a border guard, if too many defensive mistakes, attack more exciting it is.

If you want more involved in the offense, as a side guard can also satisfy your wish, if you are technical in general, a short time is not defense practice Qiangdian shoot, attack up front when you see the plane on the forward runs Qiangdian break bar. But - remember that time we go back on defense!

In addition, multi-practice playing with your weak foot, multi-practice Xiadizhuanzhong we propose. Frankly it is difficult to improve significantly within a month.
Gunmen _ small broken child2010-03-08 14:50:58 +0000 #3
Enhancing basic skills bar, the main class is too simple.
namireason2010-03-08 15:05:02 +0000 #4
Lian header. . ! Basic skills of football. Fat corner when you can go to Qiangdian! Also be able to score a



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