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Iker Casillas Real Madrid is the election when a goalkeeper?

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impression is older.

As early as in 1999, only 17-year-old Real Madrid Casillas became the team's goalkeeper is the election and keep his place in the team in that end of the season he also won travel with the team win the Champions League final .

In 1999, he was with the Spanish youth team in Nigeria, won the FIFA World Youth Championship. In 2002, he helped Real Madrid for the European Champions Cup.

After the 2002 World Cup, Casillas continue to grow gradually with his idols, and Gianluigi Buffon Kahn, side by side, is considered one of the world's best goalkeeper. Especially the 02-03 season, Real Madrid's star policy malpractice, the former field of beautiful flowers, but a step by step after the defense be ignored. Thus highlighting the role of Casillas, he used his high-low gear for the next Real Madrid's fragile defense efforts to hide the ugly. Thus known as the "St. Paul Casey." Finally, in the 06-07 season, Casillas was finally paid off. Real Madrid nothing being done for several years in a row, after winning only narrowly beats the relations between the same points in Barcelona, regained the League title. Casillas set of great merit for this title.

■ for the first time in team debut

Athletic Bilbao 2-1 Real Madrid (September 12, 1999)

■ for the first time representatives of the national team

Sweden 1:1 Spain (June 3, 2000 )

■ the first time in international competitions

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1:2 Spain (September 2, 2000)

■ contract with Real Madrid

June 30, 2011 only favorite food

■ potato omelette (Spain recognized children's food)

■ interest

and their families, friends, listening to music, watching movies idol

■ buyo (francisco buyo sanchez)

■ favorite bands

The Offspring (Offspring), Roxette

■ favorite male and female actor Samuel Jackson and Meg Ryan

■ favorite film genres

■ favorite sci-fi movie

The Negotiator (Chinese translation: The Negotiator, Kevin Spacey and starring Samuel Jackson )

■ favorite film director Steven Spielberg

■ favorite car brand

Chrysler (Chrysler-PT-Cruiser)


4 times the Spanish league :2000-2001, 2002-2003 ,2006-2007 ,2007-2008

3 times the Spanish Super Cup: 2001,2003,2008

2 times European Champions League title :1999-2000 2001-2002

1 European Super Cup: 2002

1 Cups: 2002

1 times European Junior Championships: 1996

1 of the World Youth Championship: 1999

1 times European Cup winner: 2008


career, the team started the season red card yellow card replacement assists Goals

2005 / 06 Real Madrid - - - - - -

2004/05 Real Madrid 5.6 million

2003/04 Real Madrid 4.71002 million

2002/03 Real Madrid 5.10002 million

2001/02 Royal Madrid 3.80001 million

Technical Features:

select bits: 8

Casillas's almost unassailable position to judge the election, the only need to improve is the ability to access golf.

Fighting: 9

take a look at Iker Casillas saves the number of single-pole, the ball will find that this is a good will "can not" become "possible" the goalkeeper.

Reaction: 9

Casillas's brave, thanks to his superhuman ability to respond, but also remember that the Champions League final in 2002, how he would be kept out of the goal Basturk will do?

Will: 9

known as the New Generation "Juanito" speak for themselves.

Stability: 8

Casillas is not God, such as his home in the Spanish national team's match against Serbia and Montenegro, there have been a mistake, but after more than six months time you would never see his like performance.

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