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Australia League questions

zhangjiantuo2010-03-08 22:11:23 +0000 #1
Australia League A joint problems

O (Football)

a total of 10 detachment to participate in the system do not relegation

It is always a detachment of these 10 will not be downgraded to play games anyway

for the last one there is no punishment do?
daiselina2010-03-08 22:27:54 +0000 #2
Australia A-League does not downgrade the system has no penalties for the last one, that is, there is no prize money only, A-League next season will be expansion

Australian Super League from 10 teams were formed with three circular scores produced race. Single-game winner was integral is calculated by three points, the loser had 0 points, a draw then the two sides had each won a points, a season high and low end of rankings according to accumulated points. If the points were conceded to distinguish between the same Zeyi ranked goals for, against the same Zeyi goals to distinguish rank. League teams received four pre-qualified to participate in the playoffs, including championship and runner-up home and away two round competitions, the winner into the finals, the negative side and the league 3,4 officiating away two round tournament winners for single-game knockout decide the winner and the other team entered the final round, the outcome of the Finals to take a set of rules.



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