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fifa online2 line problem

Hu Yu Shuai2010-03-08 23:10:16 +0000 #1
I have to play 433 lineup, and I'm sure the three midfield players Michael Essien, Steven Gerrard, Ronaldinho. . I put Essien in the middle is mainly defensive, but I do not know who left be put right? ? We talk about the reasons
mushroom exhaust kiss2010-03-08 23:12:09 +0000 #2
If you press your 4312 to fight, then the midfielder Michael Essien on the Road to increase the hardness, Harvey physically weaker, of course, than the Little White Fortunately point Romania since you have, it may be placed in the right place in the avant-garde, though he is the right of avant-garde, but barely competent, and this game is not the right place particularly stringent requirements, as Robbie with a type of player belongs to Lo, 2 left one will do.

In addition you can also play 4222, which is placed between Harvey with Michael Essien, Kaka and Luo Qian Yao, respectively on the left position, ready to plug into a 424, back when the defense will not be too slow, can be quickly turned into 442, suitable for relatively rapid conversion of the offensive and defensive play. But this formation is the only Middle less space, but also came close to Harvey's interception capability, you can also try a little retreat Villa, playing 4231 is not bad, you can look at the manpower to increase slightly in the middle at the same time enrich the offensive routine.

Finally back to look at two buildings, there are no absolute anything, your first line is not necessarily someone else's first team, do you feel is not necessarily easy to use for someone else's play, so you are not eligible for your thoughts imposed on others. Give your opinion enough, the table you compete with others of those useless.
Civilization Manual2010-03-08 23:27:25 +0000 #3
Ronaldinho on the left and Steven Gerrard put right, Ronaldinho shot breaking ability, a strong right foot shot, of course the players on the left, so shoot easy kicker, Steven Gerrard on the right is precisely because of his passing ability, right Xiadizhuanzhong right foot just right
_ Ghost confused2010-03-09 00:00:41 +0000 #4
Ronaldinho to play on the left, playing a left forward ah, Steven Gerrard slap on the right, but I do not think you want to use the heart eh G8 to G8 Ekhin not use the right by Messi or c Luo Well
leehom7272010-03-08 23:48:11 +0000 #5
Ronaldinho could be on the left, Jie team on the right, Essien put the middle a little bit delayed ...



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