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China Club in the AFC Champions League promising it

Omiya squirrel2010-03-09 01:11:25 +0000 #1
from the league look at concentration levels very close to the Japanese league, competitions and more pairs of match every week, another national team task, and our country is less competition, the World Cup powerless into the , physically not a problem, the Chinese league match-fixing it, the so-called crackdown is performances by the number of physical strength can be used to the time when we have abundant strength against others tired, you said you do not win? South Korea reduction in the level of the financial crisis in the team, Saudi Arabia, a strong team, but perhaps a pack of wolves in the West Asia that has already been strangulation, Iran has old, and no new up their group into the issue, the UAE even New Zealand could lose, can be is conceivable that Syria is not only a mention of Australia not come into vogue, Uzbekistan manual would not work, Southeast Asia, princes reading it! Now I say that Japan and South Korea club, Gamba Osaka of Japan's Leandro gone, has no striker, even the best midfielder fishy with the organization, no one scores, like the Lions to pull teeth, there is no lion terrible teeth do, Kashima Antlers outsider outside the war, civil war experts, expected to do can do it, an international events on the soft, Kawasaki striker, one saw the Chinese team put it scared to death, state instability, when the good times and bad, count on it, better look me so solemnly. Hiroshima J2 cargo, but also with the frightened and jokes. South Korea, Samsung, water, and even Li Weifeng able to play the main, we can imagine the level of how, POSCO turnover, can no longer performed the miracle of last season and last season's luck then, Seongnam is invincible, it is now After becoming a child trying to conquer, do not you do even a child is afraid, can not be justified, Chonbuk Hyundai looks terrible, no experience, how do OK. So the Chinese team great hope it

bomb the World Trade Organization2010-03-09 01:16:20 +0000 #2
Analysis of a comprehensive and thorough! A look at is the master.
Zuogong Jiao go to a drive2010-03-09 01:25:28 +0000 #3
11daye112010-03-09 01:27:30 +0000 #4
West Asia wealthy 咱 Mo Fabi, I think that is comparable with Japan, South Korea, the only difference is that people are really in play, and our players thinking about uncertainty What, for example Paul League, or gambling, or have trouble with the team, in short, we have enough job.



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