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European odds how to see?

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European and Asian Handicap odds in Europe compared to its data more closely in the Zucai quiz mode Zucai quiz for guiding more specific and more intuitive. European odds can be very visually reflect the wins against the two sides, flat, negative probabilities, it is easy to understand and practical, but can in theory the essence of the interpretation of Zucai quiz.

European origin odds odds from gambling, but gambling has always been accompanied by the development history of human society can be said that gambling and the development of human society is as old as history. With the progress of human civilization, people gambling and gradually evolved into a malignant our current betting, gambling also marks the rise of human civilization's progress.

The first originated in horse racing betting, in the early Middle Ages, when the manor manor among the horses in order to show their strength and horseman to start horse racing, first as a contest between the two manor, attracting a large number of villagers, onlookers , but also attract more interest in the manor and individuals and finally gradually formed an important social activities.

In the race before the event, people hold different views on results of the competition, so that some people in order to prove their predictions are right, through the bet way to validate their own point of view, to such a bet can win a fair and reasonable manner so that are available, it is generally the stake to the highly respected, honest and credible broker custody, and to pay a tip. An intermediary to obtain a certain advantage since they are more interested in these competitions, and later they became professional gaming business. Professional gaming operators in order to attract more people to participate in such activities, gambling, the two horse race between the expansion has become more race horses, and for these horses in a horse wins one or more horses have been Sheng made different bets standard, this standard is a different betting odds prototype.

What is the European Odds

European odds betting company in Europe to open up the betting odds.

European odds can be drawn, lost a game out of three odds of the outcome, but also for League Cup odds to win out, or even a game for players and scores goals out odds.

At present, the use of European football odds lottery is drawn, lost up to the results of three kinds of odds. Totals may judge the betting odds based on the company's preference, and use it as betting information.

Gaming company information available, the analysis accuracy than our personal Totals understanding of the situation and information are far more comprehensive, so we must first learn some basics of Handicap and the odds.

Before the game, betting against the company by analyzing both the variety of information, such as playing field, in the past fighting hand to hand wins and losses, the home team home wins and losses, the visiting team away record in the league, ranking results, the recent state of the team morale, the operation of the club's conditions, among others factors, drawn, lost the race to estimate the probability of three kinds of results.

Probability obtained after the betting companies through a formula to calculate their odds to be opened.

The formula is: a / b = c, cc * 10% = d.

A is to calculate the percentage probability of the base 100, b is a gaming analyst obtained through the percentage of probability, c is the a / b the results, d is the last calculated the odds.

Example, Serie A with AC Milan, Roma home games, gaming companies come to Rome by analyzing the probability of winning about 40%, then using this formula is as follows:

The first step: 100/40 = 2.5; Article two-step :2.5-2.5 * 10% = 2.25.

Well, betting the company out of Rome odds of winning will be around 2.25.

Like betting the company obtained by analyzing the probability of a draw of about 31%, then use this formula is as follows:

The first step: 100/31 = 3.22; step :3.22-3.22 * 10% = 3.0 .

So betting company bears flowers of the probability of a draw would be around 2.89.

AC Milan to win odds can also be calculated in accordance with the same way. Meanwhile, the betting odds of the company out, it will tend to bet based on the team dynamics and to make adjustments. Some of the game odds, therefore relatively large changes occur, and some by the team dynamics and betting tendencies little effect on the game does not appear to change too much.

Still at home against AC Milan, Roma game, for example, William Hill's odds Thursday 2.20-2.88-3.10; Saturday the odds is 2.20-2.87-3.10. Of course, if odds are familiar with after seeing this 2.20-2.88-3.10 odds, also should be aware of the probability of winning home team 40%, while the probability of a draw, and Ke Duisheng about 30%.

To bet 100 yuan, for example, bought in Rome to win the 120 yuan of profits, draw profits of 188, the negative profit of 210 yuan.

European odds and winning percentages of the probability of conversion: 100 / (c + c * 10%)

several major European authority of the gaming company: William. Hill, SSP, Bet365, Interwetten, Wai Tak International



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